Kristina Rutar

Invading the Space

Ceramics, woodfired stoneware (various, 1x1x650 m), 2014

Invading the Space is an instalation made during my residency in a small traditional village Pagerjurang,, Bayat, Indonesia. I was invited to participate in the residency and later show my work at JCCB#3- Jakarta Contemporary Ceramics Biennale 3. I was on residency for one month, working with local equipment, local clay, their traditional 400 years old technique of slatting kicking wheel. The sculptures are made from various wheelthown forms, combined, althered, reshaped in one sculptural form. The instalation can be rearanged in different ways, since all the sculptures are easily movable. I wanted to create something that is not definite, but can change with human's idea. Very important is also the role of the shadows, which characterize the sculptures.