Victoria Ayala

El Condenadito

Blue Ink on Paper, 2014
    • This piece is probably my favorite. Though the skull has no face, one can feel its suffering in the arch of it's neck, clench of its jaw, and depth of its eyes. I love the detail and high contrast of the print. I've noticed that your work uses a lot of hispanic references. Most of you works (especially the four plate intaglio) are very vibrant and I know that día de los muertos is used to celebrate the lives of the deceased as opposed to mourning them. Are the hispanic allusions more related to the language, since you are teaching, or to the culture that you are a part of? I also wonder if your subject matter (mainly the skulls, snakes, and faces) was derived from these influences or elsewhere.

    • Hello! Yes, I have un/intentionally used Mexican references in my artworks specifically since my parents are from Mexico. A lot of my work references my culture, it really doesn't have to do with my teaching job but I guess that's a part of it too. Everything that I have made up to now has been very personal to me so I feel like in adding my personality to it my Mexican tradition just rubs off on it naturally. haha