My art is my response to the world around me, and a representation of the things I see and feel with what seems like a different set of senses.

My paintings explore the juxtaposition of naturalistic elements against exaggerated color. I am fascinated by the colors we perceive with our eyes in both light and darkness, and even further interested in the spectrum of color that exists in our imaginations. It is the union of these two visions together that I bring into my paintings.

I also create jewelry and adornments, which are inspired by the wild yet bold beauty that occurs in nature. With the creation of each piece, I seek to bring together the pairing of two very natural elements: the wearer and just a bit of earth.

I believe that our art and adornments reflect something of ourselves and the things we find beautiful, and so my creations are designed to accentuate the natural beauty of our own humanity, and depict the spectrum of the earth's beauty through human eyes.