I don’t paint the pictures, I paint only the reality of the world which humans have been destroying in an unprecedented assault while remaining unobtrusive. Likewise I do the same with my artworks, rendering sky, water, trees, land, etc. from multiple layers of wall putty, CaCO3, emulsion primer, adhesive, stainer, and enamel oil which are primarily materials used to build houses­­--connecting urbanisation with chaos. Then, in emulation of environmental devastation, I burn (like the burning of forests) and rework the surface with iron soldering, tearing away at the material with a chisel like the giant Krupp machines mining the earth. Unfortunately, humans have to refund nature on a monumental scale.

Bio: I was born and brought up in the North East (Nagaland) of India, surrounded by a cryptic nature which became deeply rooted in me. I grew up watching people destroy ancient trees, killing animals, and altering the mountains in the relentless pursuit of myriad occupations: greedily and drastically changing the landscape in a rate which the human mind cannot comprehend.
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