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Juna Lee
Seoul, Korea, Democratic People's Republic Of
Ewha Womans University
Minu Park
Seoul, Korea, Democratic People's Republic Of
Karl Ricco Bolinger
Clemson, SC, United States
Clemson University
Mahdi Braghithi
Ramallah, Palestine
Jennifer Ani
Maine, US, United States
Indiana University Of Pennsylvania
University of Geneva
Sydney Lowe
Brooklyn, New York, USA, United States
Wesleyan University
Nikoleta Ivanova
Sofia, Bulgaria
National Academy of Arts
Rachel P Schmerge
Portland, Oregon, USA, United States
Reed College
Maja Petrovic Babic
Jagodina, Serbia
Faculty of Applied Arts
Eleanor Leonne B
Manchester, England, United Kingdom
Heidi Cramer
United States
UC Santa Cruz
Gracelee L.
Austin, TX, United States
The University of Texas
Dmitri Zurita
Tijuana, Mexico
UC Santa Cruz
Kathmandu, Nepal
Chaitanya Ingle
Bhamti,Nagpur, India
R.T.M. University Nagpur
Terezia Greskova
Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Wien
Alyssa Gutner-Davis
San Diego, California, United States
UC Santa Cruz
Algiers, Algeria
School of Fine Arts of Algiers