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Holly Wilson
Syracuse, NY, United States
Anudev Manoharan
Kolkata, India
Olympia Altimir
San Francisco, United States
Academy of Art University
Portia Roy
Delhi, India
Anna-Maria Samara
Thessaloniki, Greece
Art School, Florina
Arpita Chandra
Kolkata, India
College of Arts & Draftmanship
Eden Mitsenmacher
Tel Aviv, Israel
Pradip Kumar Sau
Kolkata, India
College of Arts & Draftmanship
Marc Foloni
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Victor Jarillo
Tijuana, Mexico
Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic
Madrid, Spain
Guillermo Perea Piñero
Cádiz, Spain
Mateo Inurria of Photography
Meredith Brindley
Richmond, Virginia,
Virginia Commonwealth Univ.
Mondli Kunene
Vereeniging, Johannesburg, South Africa
Dushan Pejchev
Skopje, Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic Of
Paloma Rodera
Madrid, Spain
Angelica Verdan
Washington, D.C., United States
Gregor Henderson
Glasgow, Scotland,
Glasgow School of Art