BUILDING BRIDGES is an International Art Project conceived and created by Ushmita Sahu in collaboration with Emergent Art Space.


Open call to individual freelance artists and art students of up to 30 years of age, working in new media practices (video/photography/ performance/sound works) to participate in the international art project and exhibition BUILDING BRIDGES.


Seven (7) artists from India and Seven (7) international artists will be selected by a jury comprising 2 prominent artists (TBA) and the curator Ms. Ushmita Sahu, on the basis of submitted portfolio. The project will unfold in several stages:


1. Online collaboration & interaction between artists. This stage is of primary importance to the project. Artists will be expected to be available for daily/regular online blogging/chatting/vlogging for a period of one month.

2. Creation of new works based on above interaction.

3. Online exhibition on Emergent Art Space.

4. Three exhibitions in India (see below).

5. Publication on the complete project.





7th August 2017 – 5th September 2017: Applications to the project.

15th- 20th September 2017:  All selected applicants will be contacted by the Curator. 

October 1st – October 30thOnline project and interaction.

November 1st - December 10th creation of and submission of final works.

January 2018:  Online exhibition on Emergent Art Space

January 2018 - March 2018:  Exhibitions of artworks at: 

     - A.M. (Art Multi-disciplines), Kolkata

     - Gallery Art Konsult, New Delhi

     - Gallery Sumukha, Bangalore

       (dates to be announced)


No application/submission fee.




Like a leviathan machine, whose parts are breaking down faster than they can be mended, our globalised world is increasingly plagued by growing intolerance, conflict and war so much so that volatility seems to have becomes the zeitgeist of our times. Discord, whether international or national, quickly spreads like wildfire through the world, creating non-anticipated disruptions far removed from epicentres of unrest. Social, cultural, linguistic and historical differences; economic, gender or physical inequalities; fight for political power and resources; ethnicity, religious ideology and disparity; and desire for cultural autonomy are just few reasons for intractable turmoil. One could say that the idea of ‘otherness’, of not being alike, of being different underlines the growing divide between ‘us- them’, ‘insider - outsider, gives rise to stereotyping, bias and discrimination, that in turn feeds the vicious beast of fear and enmity.    

Faced by an exponential growth of prejudice and hatred, it has become more important than ever, to know about   our so called opponent, to listen and re-discover the threads of similarity that hide within the folds of ‘otherness’. Only by knowing how the other feels, or by uncovering facts that one was previously unaware of, can we hope to build connections with each other. Taking inspiration from Sir Isaac Newton’s adage - We build too many walls and not enough bridges, Project BUILDING BRIDGES aims to encourage 14 young artists from across the globe to come together and foster a voice of reason and dialogue that will help create a platform for empathy, and understanding through art, creativity and exchange.


Ushmita Sahu , 2017




  1. 1. Open call for young artists working in new media practices (video/photography/ performance/sound works). A jury of 2 eminent artists (TBA) along with the curator will select 7 international and 7 Indian artists in the age group of (less than or equal to) 30 years based on the portfolio submitted.

  1. 2. Post selection the artists will be part of an online interactive blog and exchange process for a month’s time, within which period they shall be expected to interact with each other. The aim is to encourage and facilitate an understanding of the ‘other’, to look beyond stereotypes and to build bridges between differences.

  1. 3. In the third stage the artists will each create a new body of work based on the exchanges they have had. Each artist will be expected to write and share their thoughts/working process and their new understandings regularly on the blog space provided on the Emergent Art Space website.

  1. 4. The final stage will encapsulate:

  •     a) An online show on Emergent Art Space.

  •     b) Physical shows in India.

  •     c) Publication on the complete project.




  • 1. Contact Details ( home address/mobile /landline where applicable/ email/website)

  1. 2. Five digital images of works in jpeg format (not more than 1mb resolution each), representative of the artist’s work. Images must be labelled with artist’s name, title of work, medium and yearThis is for selection purpose only and will not be part of the project.

    3. Corresponding image list in Word document (including artist’s name/title of work/ year/medium/duration etc).

    4. An artist’s statement of not more than 300 words, in Word document only (in English).

    5. Artist’s resume or curriculum vitae, in Word document only.

    6. Image of artist  (jpeg image of 4 inch x 4 inch).



  2. -  All submissions will be online by email only (max size 10 mb). Email address provided below.

  • -  Image files will be submitted in jpeg format only (each image no more than 1 mb). No other format will be accepted.  The files will be sent via file sharing service, like ‘wetransfer’.

  • -  Video/sound works must be submitted using links to an accessible internet platform, e.g Vimeo or Soundcloud.

  • -  Performance artists may submit videos of performance (video requirements same as above).

  • -  Resume/statements written in all capitals/upper case letters will not be accepted.

  • All e-mails will be sent to the curator to this email address:



  • -  Submissions will be accepted only if all above requirements are met.

  • -  Only email submissions are accepted.

  • -  Jury decisions are final and no correspondence will be entertained on this account.

  • -  All artists must be available to interact online in blog/skype/email formats with the other participants on a regular basis during the month of October.

  • -  All artists must have a working knowledge of English as the language of written and verbal communication with each other.

  • -  Emergent Art Space and the curator will not accept any discriminatory views/bigotry/intolerance/incendiary views by any artists towards the other participants. In case of any such incidence Emergent Art Space and the Curator, reserve the decision to remove such artist from the project without any prior notice.

  • -  The artists do not need to send in physical works for the final exhibition.They need to send in soft copies of the photographic/video works. The printing and framing of art works and renting of monitors for showing video works will be taken care of by the exhibition organizers.

  • -  The accepted artists' works must be available for sale. In case of photographic/video works, proper high resolution images for edition printing must be made available at time of exhibition. Editions will be mentioned properly. The sales arrangements will be exclusively between the gallery and the artist. 


Team/Supported by

Ushmita Sahu, Grazia Peduzzi,  Victoria Ayala