• Ayden Grout: Psychogeography and the New Lenses of Landscape


    Ayden Grout's 'Psychogeography and the New Lenses of Landscape' salon at Flux Factory


    Audience Activity, Flux Factory

    “Draw or describe one thing you saw on the way to Flux Factory. Place your Post-it on the map in the place that you saw this thing” (Directions to the audience for Flux Factory’s evening of psychogeography)

    After arriving at Flux Factory for their March salon, I was instructed to draw ‘how I got to Flux Factory,’ on a Post-it note, later placed on a large projected map of New York City at the point of my departure––my apartment. Inspired by, as organizer of the event Ayden Grout describes, “the ways we laminate our individual environment with memory,” the salon included several other audience mapping activities as well as five artist presentations on the theme and title of the event, Psychogeography and the New Lenses of Landscape. Read More

    Read more about the salon artists and their presentations on the event’s Facebook page.