• Announcement: ‘Still Life & Beyond’ | Kolkata, India

    Opening today in Kolkata, a group exhibition by twelve alumni of the The Indian College of Art and Draftmanship, variously reinterpreting the 'Still Life' tradition.



    Excerpt from the Curator's Note:

    " The participating artists have stretched and at times surpassed the supposed periphery of 'still life' in the conventional pedagogical sense of the term. There is no attempt whatsoever to paint objects carefully composed on a tabletop with lustrous folds of drapery in the background; in other words, there is no discernible loyalty to what is still ideally considered to be still life in the strict academic sense. And that other associated factor, the need to be truthful to retinal reality- still considered essential at least academically- has been paid incidental attention as well.

    The young artists have taken the autonomy to build narratives of their own by arranging, creating and composing forms as signifiers…. Worldviews merge with introspection; it is, in a way, an interior, and intensely private, processing of received notions and even lifestyle adaptations that constitute the signposts of our existence.

    The eagerly-embraced digital life with its twin avatars, the search engines and social media, shares an interesting relationship with the idealist/cultural bedrock of a typical middle-class Bengali family to which most of the artists belong. The nature of this relationship, I believe, plays a key role in the way/s in which the artists process and decipher their contacts with stillness, life, and still life…"

    Samindranath Majumdar


    Venue: Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata,