• Featured Event: ‘Democratic Artworks’ | Berkeley, California

    A special collaborative interaction and a pop-up exhibition by UC Berkeley Department of Art Practice Fall 2016 Artist-in-Residence  Ramon Blanco-Barrera (who goes by the artist name “233”). 



    Artist Talk:

    'Democratic Artworks'


    Monday, November 21st, 2016

    Pop-Up Exhibition: 10:00am – 7:30pm

    Talk: 7:30pm - 9:00pm


    233 sends social and political messages in order to make people reflect about their communities, both local and universal, constantly bringing up human rights concepts and values. He uses the number ‘233’ in reference to the ‘identity game’ of our overpopulated world system.

    “As Merleau-Ponty said, there is a blind point in the phenomenology of human perception that escapes us, an escape about which we do not always stop to think or reflect. The challenge is to make visible the invisible….”


    Come early to view the pop-up exhibition, stay to hear 233 speak about his artwork, and participate in his interactive project!


    Venue: 120 Kroeber Hall, UC Berkeley Campus


    Ramon Blanco Barrera, a.k.a. 233, is a PhD candidate at the Department of Fine Arts at the University of Seville, Spain, and is currently the Fall 2016 UC Berkeley Department of Art Practice Artist-in-Residence. His artworks have been exhibited in several countries around the world.


  • Featured Article: Throngkiuba Yim in the Morung Express | Nagaland, India

    Throngkiuba Yim, from North East (Nagaland), India has been featured in the newspaper of his home state for his artistic accomplishments. Congratulations Throngkiuba!!


    12185292_941616885929780_8668257780357196482_oThe Morung Express


    'The works of this young artist from Eastern Nagaland has digitally entered the hallowed portals of Tate Modern, London, and also featured at the International exhibition “Translation”, by Emergent Art Space, San Francisco.

    In June this year, Throngkiuba Yimchungru’s art piece ‘Unobtrusive Ecology’ (2.5×8.8 ft) was digitally exhibited at the opening of the new Tate Modern in the Turbine Hall, London, which was an open call on the theme “What is the future of art?” Alongside the digital exhibition, the works of British modern artist David Hockney and Georgia O’Keeffe, the ‘Mother of American modernism’, were exhibited as well.'

    To continue reading the article on its homepage, click HERE.



  • Featured Event: ‘Simulacra et Pos-Lacres’ | Málaga, Spain

    This exhibition is the production of the work developed by resident artists of the ARP Grant, who during the past academic year 2015-2016 enjoyed this grant: José Gómez, José Mª Hevilla, Sheila Rodríguez and Enrique Sánchez.


    BecaBBAA-cartel-1x2Simulacra et Pos-Lacres


    Opening: Thursday, November 10th, 2016

    Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm

    Dates: November 10th - November 28th, 2016

    La Beca ARP Presenta en esta exPosición el fruto del trabajo desarrollado por los artistas que durante el pasado curso 2015/16 disfrutaron de esta beca: José Gómez, José Ma Hevilla, Sheila Rodríguez y Enrique Sánchez. Con este proyecto, la Facultad de Bellas Artes y la Universidad de Málaga, pretenden dar continuidad al trabajo de nuestros egresados con el fin de avanzar en su profesionalización e inserción el mundo laboral y/o el mercado

    del arte. La Facultad de Bellas Artes realiza una propuesta arriesgada donde los artistas elegidos tras un minucioso proceso, tienen la oportunidad de presentar sus diferentes proyectos en esta exposición, resultado de un trabajo profundo y complejo.
    La muestra nos traslada a diversos espacios, mediante el uso de herramientas propias de la contemporaneidad, planteándonos el papel del propio artista en la actualidad.

    A través de esta exposición se podrá ver el trabajo de José Gómez que sigue en lucha constante entre ver y entender, una lucha entre la materia y la memoria, entre lo real y lo que, a modo de simulacro, le precede o le pre-representa. Así como la ironía burlona de las propuestas de Enrique Sánchez, una visión fresca y actual que pone al simulacro en contacto con los media.

    'S/T, Series: Projected Reflections' by Sheila Rodriguez

    O la propuesta que nos presenta Sheila Rodríguez, otra simulacra en la dimensión de lo oscuro que se proyecta en la relación entre lo siniestro y lo sublime, collage de realidades simuladas. Y por último, José Ma Hevilla con sus nuevas visiones focalizadas en las tramas simulacra que llegan al pos-lacres por acumulación “tramática”, trama sobre trama, como “trámatica” realidad de su visión. Estos artistas pasan ya de realidades simulacra a pos-lacres, liberados de estirpes y anacronismos que subyacen constantemente.

    Venue: Hall of Exhibitions of the Archivo Municipal de Málaga, Alameda Principal, 23, Málaga, Spain

  • Featured Event: ‘Origin and Lineage’ | Cape Town, South Africa

    One of our newest artists Sakhile Cebekhulu will be featured in an exhibition revolving around non-verbal communication. Opening tomorrow!

    Origin InviteOrigin and Lineage

    Opening: November 5th, 2016

    Time: 10:00am - 2:00pm

    Dates: November 5th - November 12th, 2016
    Communication in Africa, just like in other parts of the world, may occur without any deliberate attempt by an information sender. Communication occurs in different forms like verbal or non-verbal; oral or written; formal or informal; and intentional or unintentional. They are all interactive and do not exist in isolation of one another. For instance, observers might get much from the action of people’s way of dressing, physical appearance and body language. So, the receiver needs to decode incoming information against the backdrop of a specific culture and match it with pre-existing knowledge. Non-verbal communication shares meaning with others non-linguistically and hence refers to modes of communication with the human body itself and does not involve the use of words.
    “Non-verbal” describes the process of conveying meaning in the form of “non-word” messages. Some forms of non verbal communication include, gesture, body language or posture, facial expression and eye contact, object communication such as clothing, hairstyles, architecture, symbols, info graphics and tone of voice, as well as through an aggregate of the above. Every culture has a dual tendency: a tendency towards stability and a tendency toward change.

    Venue: DF Contemporary, The Hills Unit 6, Buchanan Square,160 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock, Cape Town, 8001 Cape Town, South Africa

  • Featured Event: ‘Giant and the Girls’ Solo Exhibition | Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

    Tanzanian artist Gadi Ramadhani will be celebrating his tenth year as an artist with a solo exhibition speaking against child marriage. Congratulations from EAS Gadi!

    14444625_554849798035562_2144859110031943670_o'Giant and the Girls' Solo Exhibition

    by Gadi Ramadhani

    Opening: October 4th, 2016

    Time: 6:30pm - 9:30pm

    Dates: October 4th - October 18th, 2016

    Koko'TEN Studio and Nafasi Art Space presents Giant and The Girls solo exhibition by Gadi Ramadhani.

    International day of the girl child is held on 11th October globally, and although some progress has been made in uplifting women’s lives in Africa, much still needs to be done to overcome the cultural, economic and health burdens borne by both young and elderly women on the continent. The problems and challenges continue to be a giant figure!

    Tanzanian born artist Gadi Ramadhani' exhibition will tell the Girl Child story as it is. He was motivated to create this work from recent cases in Tanzania regarding the legal age of marriage consent.

    He has chosen to speak out against child marriage through his artworks as he celebrates ten years as a professional artist. Through this platform he will addresses this very thorny important society issue. His work recognizes the changes that need to be made both on a legal and society-wide level as well as the unequal power dynamics within homes that perpetuate exploitation of women, from domestic abuse to forced marriage.
    Gadi’s exhibition hopes to strike a dialogue with the stakeholders championing the girl child, and to create more awareness in the society about the challenges she faces, with the aim of charting a way forward and strengthening their efforts.

    Venue: Oasis Wine Bar and Coffee House, Mwaya Road, Masaki, +255 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

  • Featured Event: Rea Lynn de Guzman’s ‘Fabric Fragments’ | San Francisco, California

    Rea Lynn de Guzman explores psychological and socio-political themes surrounding liminal identity, cultural assimilation, and the Filipino/a diaspora, tempered by her experience as a Filipina immigrant living in the United States.


    Shawl Fragments'Fabric Fragments'


    Opening: September 15th, 2016

    Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm

    Dates: August 20th - October 10th, 2016

    The "Retaso" series references the iconography of “Maria Clara” (a mestiza character from Jose Rizal’s novel Noli me Tangere and metonym for a traditional dress woven from piña fiber and organza). Influenced by Spanish colonization, “Maria Clara” embodies Philippine ideals of female beauty equated with light skin, accompanied by stereotypes of chastity and demureness. Her work presents and challenges the displacement and inferiorization of native ideals by the colonizer, signified by clothing made from a foreign fruit. Through the process of repetitive layering and a palette evoking skin tones, de Guzman utilizes the tactility of specific materials such as image transfers on synthetic organza to extract and repudiate these imposed ideals and stereotypes—material remnants intertwined with cultural legacies.

    Rea Lynn de Guzman completed her MFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2014. Her work has been exhibited in the Bay Area, Chicago, and even internationally at the Nandalal Gallery in Kolkata, India.

    Venue: SOMA Grand: 1160 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

  • Featured Event: Irene Pouliassi at ‘Mini Castra 2016’ | Slovenia

    Greek artist Irene Pouliassi was selected to participate in the International Art Fair "Mini Castra 2016" | Slovenia, with the artworks "Fe(OH) people":


    'Fe(OH) People', watercolor in oxidized paper, 30 X 20 Cm, 2015

    'Mini Castra 2016'


    Opening: August 28th, 2016

    Dates: August 28th - September 9th, 2016

    They are part of a series of human landscapes that visualise anatomy as microscopical storyboards and see facts of human existence as part of the natural order. Entropy is the common denominator of their complex narrative.

    Venue: Lokarjeva Gallery, Ajdovščina, Slovenia



  • Featured Event: ‘ JOIN THE PACK’ | Stockholm, Sweden

    "How many of yourself do you need to create a pack?"  Swedish artist Amanda Karlsson explores loneliness, belonging, and defense mechanisms in a solo exhibition in Stockholm.






    Tidpunkt: 17.00-20.00

    Utställningen pågår t.o.m. 10:e september.

    Min grundläggande inspiration har alltid kommit från ensamheten. Symboliken i att tillhöra. Därav var denna utställning redan född innan arbetet började. Den självklara biologiska tesen att vi människor är flockdjur. De utomstående hot vi tidigare konfronterades med, skyddade vi oss från med hjälp av varandra. Hoten har så sakta avtagit och våra försvar har vänt sig inåt. Vi behöver skydd för att skydda oss från oss själva.

    I Vi Är Flockdjuren har jag försökt förtydliga och visualisera vårt biologiska försvar. Vår förmåga att kunna skapa trygghet bestående av varandra. Jag har arbetat kring samma individ på samma yta men med en annan utgångspunkt. Hur många av dig själv behöver du för att skapa en flock?

    Spelplats: Galleri Helle Knudsen, Karlavägen 1, 114 24 Stockholm, Sweden


    mariatussi'JOIN THE PACK'


    Opening: Thursday, August 25th, 2016

    Time: 5:00pm - 8:00pm

    Dates: August 25th - September 10th, 2016

    My inspiration has always come from loneliness. The symbolism and idea of belonging. That's why this series was already born before I even started painting. The obvious biological thesis that we humans are pack animals. We use each other to protect ourselves against external threats we were confronted with in the past . These threats have slowly subsided and our defense mechanisms has turned inward. We need protection from ourselves.

    In "Join The Pack" I have attempted to clarify and visualize our biological defenses. Our ability to provide security consisting of each other. I have worked around the same individual on the same surface but with a different starting point. How many of yourself do you need to create a pack?

    Galleri Helle Knudsen, Karlavägen 1, 114 24 Stockholm, Sweden


  • Featured Event: ‘Structural Intricacies’ | Islamabad, Pakistan

    Fariha Rashid will be featured in a four Pakistani emerging artists exhibition of miniature paintings, which reflect on "how the patriarchal society shapes up its inhabitants".



    'Structural Intricacies'

    A group show by Fariha Rashid, Shamsuddin Tanwri, Surhan Nizamani & Waheed Bhutto.


    Opening: August 25th, 2016

    Time: 5:00pm - 7:30 pm

    Dates: August 25th - September 3rd, 2016.

    “Structural intricacies” is a collection of contemporary miniature
    paintings brought together by four emerging artists over a span of six
    months. Throughout the process, together, we explored and deconstructed
    themes that are prevalent but usually ignored at large.

    The paintings are an artistic expression of how the patriarchal society
    shapes up its inhabitants. Each painting provides an extensive narrative
    portraying the upheaval impacting the young artists, further urging them
    to create an array of illustrations with regard to their emotional
    turmoil. Miniature technique applied explores themes of paradox as
    the 'smaller' accounts for vaster issues that seem to be grasping

    Venue: The Kitchen, St 14, E-7 Markaz (Shaheen Market), Islamabad, Pakistan.

  • Featured Event: SV + VS (Sonifying Visuals + Visualizing Sound) | Seoul, South Korea

    Artist Camella da Eun Kim in a  group exhibition which "explores cutting edge visual music" at Dongdaumun Design Plaza in Seoul, South Korea. Congratulations Camella!


    camellaaSV + VS (Sonifying Visuals + Visualizing Sound)


    Dates:  August 20th - September 18th, 2016

    Time: 1:00pm - 10:00pm

    Visual Music is an art form that transforms auditory data into visual experience and shares aesthetics of music with the visual language. It closes the gap between two different sensory expressions by using the development of technology. Throughout the consistent evolution and innovations of technology, visual music has been investigated for a long time by artists, designers, engineers, and researchers in various ways. From color organ and television to mobile device and virtual reality, technological inventions have delivered higher impact to artists to push the boundaries of their multi-sensory artworks. Artists have used computer programming to create algorithmic composition and visualization based on sound data. Mapping sound into the visual language (colors, shapes and forms) can boost up higher user engagement and reading ability. Immersive audiovisual experience using sensory devices opens up a new possibility in media art and visual music field.

    The diversity of these works reflects a complex and nuanced field. Yet the exhibition posits something specific: how we listen to visuals and how we see sound. Many of the artists in this exhibition aim for creating new ways of listening and seeing data. The sound and the visuals they create provide immersive experiences for visitors that resonate with them. In many of the works, visuals and sound are linked tightly together, and give rise to new understanding and exciting experiences.

    This exhibition explores the cutting edge of visual music by observing diverse approaches from six artists based on California. Artists include Reza Ali, Yuan-Yi Fan, George Legrady, Ryan McGee, Juan Manuel Escalante, Erick Oh, F. Myles Sciotto and Camella Da Eun Kim. Artworks range from hand-drawn animation, audiovisual installation and performance, and ­mobile application to data-driven visual sound.

    Venue: GALLERY MUN, Dongdaemoon Design Plaza, 

  • Featured Event: SELF COLORED (A Contemporary Art Exhibition) | Lahore, Pakistan

    We are pleased to announce that Fariha Rashid  will be featured as one of ten amazing artists in a  Pakistani national exhibition. Congratulations Fariha!


    14022092_283068492063525_7023356258868576699_nSELF COLORED


    Opening: August 1st

    Dates: August 20th - September 5th, 2016

    Time: 5:00pm - 8:00pm

    Pakistan National Council of the Arts, Shakir Ali Museum,  Ministry of Information,  Broadcasting& National Heritage Govt. of Pakistan is showcasing contemporary art works by talented artists of Pakistan. This group show of 10 very talented artists is Curated and Co-curated by Amna Ismail Pataudi and Hira Siddiqui respectively. All ten of them create exceptional art which shows extraordinary talents and rather unique aesthetics. Whether through paintings, sculptures, installations. Each artist illuminates the complexity of the self with a unique and bold vision

    Venue: Shakir Ali Museum, Shakir Ali Lane ,93-Tipu Block, New Garden Town, Lahore.

  • Featured Event: Beasts of No Nation | Johannesburg, South Africa

    The time has finally come for Johannesburg artists Pebofatso Mokoena, Fleur de Bondt and Mmabatho Grace Mokalapa to present their 'Assemblage Studios' Bursary exhibition!


    c85262_6cd23ab95e414ca991243cbd128cbba5~mv2Beasts of No Nation: A group exhibition


    Opening: Thursday 11th August

    Time: 6pm-8pm

    Dates: August 11th - September 11th

    Hazard Gallery is proud to present Beasts of No Nation, a group show featuring the new works by artists, Fleur de Bondt, Mmabatho Grace Mokalapa and Pebofatso Mokoena, who were each awarded a year-long studio bursary at Assemblage Studios by The African Art’s Trust.

    The journey of creating this exhibition began with the artists interrogating their ideas about monsters and abysses and subsequently creating a series of group conversation drawings. The artists also selected a text by Friedrich Nietzsche as one of the mechanisms to influence (on a subconscious level through ritualistic repetition) the direction and imagery that of the conversation drawings.

    “Battle not with monsters, lest ye become and monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss will also gaze into you,” – Friedrich Nietzsche.

    Through this exhibition the artists aim to create a series of challenges the prompt creativity and veer away from the preciousness surrounding the artist and their opinions.

    During the course of the exhibition, all three artists will use Hazard Gallery as project space where they will individually and collaboratively interrogate the subject further.

    Venue: Hazard Gallery, 264 Fox st. Arts on Main, Maboneng Precinct, Johannesburg, South Africa.

  • Featured Event: Precisely (Out of Place) | Washington D.C.

    EAS artist Renee Regan will be having her first solo show in Washington D.C., starting tomorrow August 1st.  Be sure to check it out if you are in the area!

    Precisely FlyerPrecisely (Out of Place)

    Dates: August 1st - September 18th, 2016

    Opening Reception: August 6th, 2016

    Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm

    'Friends, Family, and Colleagues,

    I've been awarded a solo show at the Willow St. Gallery two blocks from the Takoma Park metro station where my art studio is located. The show titled, precisely (out of place) will be up from 8/1/16 - 9/18/16 and I'll be leading various performance art workshops as well as performing regularly throughout the opening of the show. It would be amazing if you are able to attend any of the dates below. If you would like to do a simple performance collaboration with me during one of these dates then please message me which date and we'll go from there.

    My performance art workshops are donation based and a comfortable way to enter a judgement free zone and practice performing while doing some creative exercises. Throughout each of the times listed below there will be digital prints of both my Textured Travels and my Anatomical Inaccuracies available for sale. You may also purchase a purification ceremony ranging anywhere from 5-15 minutes for $1/minute as well as my disillusionment badges for $5. The image below is of my first customized commissioned work of art, a service I offer at varying price ranges for reprints or originals.

    Check out my public performance art calendar on my website at www.reneeregan.com or look below for the list view.'

    -Renee Regan

    Venue: Willow St. Gallery • 6925 Willow St. NW Washington, DC 20012 • 202-882-0740 • www.dcartstudios.org

  • Featured Event: ‘Fallas de Origen’ |Ciudad Juàrez, Mexico

    Mexican artist Alejandro Morales has curated an exhibition on the social and political issues affecting the cities of Juárez, Mexico and Bogotá, Colombia in present day.


    indexFallas de Origen

    Inauguración: 15 de julio de 2016

    Hora: 7:00pm

    Fallas de origen es una exposición colectiva curada por Alejandro Morales, apoyada por el Programa Distrital de Estímulos de la Fundación Gilberto Alzate Avendaño de Bogotá, Colombia. Muestra el trabajo de los artistas colombianos: Wilson Díaz, Juan David Laserna, Gabriela Pinilla, Edwin Sánchez, Reyes Santiago Rojas, Andrés Felipe Uribe, Jorge Luis Vaca Forero, Ana María Villate y el Equipo TRansHisTor(ia).

    El día de la inauguración se realizará una charla con Wilson Díaz, Gabriela Pinilla y Equipo TRansHisTor(ia) a las 18 h.

    Por medio de instalación, pintura, arte electrónico, registro de video, dibujo y un ejercicio curatorial, se pone en discusión las realidades de Bogotá y Ciudad Juárez, dos ciudades que han sido marcadas por el conflicto y que más allá de comportarse como un espejo fiel, abren el panorama y las maneras de abordar problemas de vivienda, desplazamiento, víctimas, guerrilla y paramilitarismo, historia, memoria, legalidad e ilegalidad y uso de la imagen.

    Lugar: Ave. Lincoln y Coyoacán s/n, Zona PRONAF Col. La Playa, 32310 Ciudad Juárez, Mexico

    English Translation:

    Failures of Origin

    Opening: July 15th, 2016

    Time: 7:00pm

    Failures of origin is a group exhibition curated by Alejandro Morales, supported by the District Incentives Program of the Gilberto Alzate Avendaño Foundation (Bogota, Colombia). Through installation, painting, electronic art, video recording, drawing and curatorial exercise, all participants raise questions about the realities of Bogotá and Ciudad Juarez, two cities that have been marked by conflict and beyond behaving like a mirror, they open the bigger picture and ways to address housing problems, displacement, victims, guerrilla and paramilitary groups, history, memory, legality and illegality and use of the image.

    The exhibition will present the work of Colombian artists: Wilson Diaz, Juan David Laserna, Gabriela Pinilla, Edwin Sanchez, Reyes Santiago Rojas, Andres Felipe Uribe, Jorge Luis Vaca Forero, Ana Maria Villate and Equipo TRansHisTor(ia).

    talk with Wilson Diaz, Gabriela Pinilla and Equipo TRansHisTor(ia) will take place at 6pm on opening day.

    Location: Lincoln Ave. and Coyoacan s / n, Zona PRONAF Col. La Playa, 32310 Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

  • Featured Event: ‘Cut from the Same Cloth’ | San Francisco, California

    EAS artist Rea de Guzman is on fire, exhibiting her works once again on the topic of colonized cultural traditions through the use of textiles in a two artist show in San Francisco, California.


    Imahe Detail'Cut from

    the Same Cloth'

    by Irene Carvajal and Rea de Guzman

    Saturday, July 9, 2016

    Time: 7:00pm to 10:00pm

    Exhibition Dates: Jul 7, 2016 - Jul 23, 2016
    Gallery Hours: Wednesday-Saturday, 2-6pm

    Through parallel experiences originating on opposite sides of the world, Bay Area artists Irene Carvajal and Rea de Guzman confront universal themes of diaspora and concepts of femininity stemming from their Costa Rican and Filipina heritage. Their works explore these motifs within societal fabrics draped in hundreds of years of Spanish colonization and patriarchy. Via this historical catalyst, cuisines, customs, languages, and religions intertwine in a perplexing fusion; disparate elements are woven inextricably, spanning space and time. Like individuals and events that shape societies and civilizations, textiles, which consist of many diverse threads, also form pieces of fabrics and garments. Even when woven together tightly, each thread is easily discernible, its particular qualities affect the whole. Moreover, the more threads there are, the stronger the bond—and the less threads there are, the weaker.

    Utilizing textiles as a metaphor for a colonized society, Carvajal and de Guzman explore themes of diaspora, hegemony, gender roles, domesticity, labor, value and their effects on our psyche. Carvajal uses the capacity of multiplicity inherent in printmaking and mold making to further discuss mass production of goods and their far-reaching distribution. De Guzman creates works highlighting traditional yet non-native fibers, in particular those of the pineapple, to bring focus to hegemonic impositions and their power to assert beauty and the ideal within female social roles. Cut from the Same Cloth combines installation, mixed media, print, and sculpture with a material emphasis on fiber and textiles.

    Venue: Root Division, 1131 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA  94103


  • ‘The Life of Temporary Shops’ | Santiniketan, India

    Sarika Kumari’s project revolves around the study of temporary shops in Santiniketan, a small town north of the city of Kolkata, in West Bengal, which hosts the large and prestigious Visva-Bharati University where she received a Master’s degree in Fine Arts.


    Temporary Shop VI Acrylic on Plastic 2015
    'Temporary Shop VI'

    The life of temporary shops in a small town in West Bengal


    Local temporary shops in Santiniketan, like the tea stalls, have some typicality in them. They are very different from such shops in other places. I started observing and studying those shops. Every aspect of their lives fascinates me and is shown deliberately in my works.

    These shops are not build up permanently, but rather temporarily, to provide some livelihood to the people who sell their wares from them. In Santiniketan a tea stall is not a mere shop where one can get tea or some tea time snacks, but it is an integral part of people’s everyday lives.

    Temporary Shop VII Acrylic on Plastic 2015
    'Temporary Shop VII'

    I want to portray this typicality in my works in an expressive manner, so that we can feel the atmosphere of the shops in this very special town.  I am trying to capture, for example, the atmosphere surrounding a stall in a particularly small area:  the old wooden benches in front of it, the glass jars with local homemade biscuits on the shelves, the dirty old calendars with images of Hindu deities hanging from them, the clay stove generating a great deal of smoke, they all create a very unique and interesting feeling of liveliness. Most of the shops use materials like plastic and tin for their short-term existence, and the temporary  walls which support the stalls.

    Temporary shop in Kopai copy
    Sarika working on a site specific painting

    That is why I have used plastic sheets, instead of canvas, as painting surfaces. I have also recently  started site specific installations, using the temporary doors and walls of these shops, trying to merge the two-fold reality, the real shop and the representation of it, in a single space.

    The way the  shops get congested or expanded within a time interval, according to the  many daily activities in and around them, from opening in the morning to closing at night,  is the main theme of my work.  Their continuous and repetitive ways are what inspire me.

    My work is an attempt to show the role these shops are playing for the students and the town's people, to show the way  we look at them, ignoring the humble vendors who are serving us every day.

    We buy tea morning and evening, for example; the vendor at the tea stall is an essential part of our surroundings, but in our eyes he has no individual life; he is merely a supplier of tea. So are the snack vendor, the pakora cooker, the bike repairman...

    India is a land of many social /economic groups, and too often we have little idea of how other groups live.

    Temporary shop IX copy
    'Temporary shop IX'

     See Sarika's whole series here.



  • Featured Event: ‘BlindFolded’ | Nairobi, Kenya

    The 'BlindFolded' mono prints series by Gadi Ramadhani will be showing in Nairobi, opening Monday, June 27th


    Opening: June 27th, 2016

    Time: 6:30pm

    Gadi shows the work he developed during his artistic residence at the GoDown Arts Centre. The ‘BlindFolded’ series expresses his anxiety over the culture of silence present in the African society. Inspired by the Kenyan environment, from social to political events, Gadi’s figurative works take a satirical look at the he hypocritical culture in our society of ‘responsible citizens’.

    After Nairobi, Gadi will continue his ‘BlindFolded’ journey to Lusaka, Harare and Gaborone, adding new works influenced by the local context in each city to this series.

    Venue: Alliance Française de Nairobi, Kenya


    Gadi présentera ses dernières œuvres réalisées pendant son séjour artistique au Godown Arts Centre. La série « BlindFolded » exprime son anxiété par rapport à la culture du silence existante dans la société africaine. Inspiré par l’environnement kenyan, des évènements sociaux aux évènements politiques, l’art figuratif de Gadi porte un regard satirique sur la culture hypocrite de notre société de « citoyens responsable ».

    Après Nairobi, Gadi continuera son voyage à Lusaka, Harare et Gaborone, ajoutant de nouvelles œuvres inspirées du context local dans chaque ville à cette série ‘BlindFolded’.

    The Alliance Française de Nairobi
    Loita | Monrovia Street

  • ‘New Forms of Life Appear in the Eyes of Youth’

    Another review of the 'TRANSLATIONS' exhibition that took place last February in Kolkata appeared yesterday in the newspaper "Anandabazar Patrika", the most widely circulated Bengali newspaper in India.

    The review, of which you can read in English the first paragraph, is by the renown art critic Mrinal Ghosh.





    Other Forms of Life Appear in the Eyes of Youth

    'Translation' , this word in English primarily refers  to the version of a different language. In Bengali we call it “Anubad”.It is a transformation from one language into another language. But there is a larger meaning of this too. Changing anything from one form to another form could also be considered as a kind of “anubad” or translation. In this sense, if we look around our lives, this transformation process continues in much of the activities of the nature. Ice transformed into water,water  transfromed to the steam, Idea converted into writing, words, images, music etc. And all of these could be bracketed in the process of transformation. This has a big role in the social and cultural exchanges. One civilization adopts or assimilates another by transforming it according to one’s own values. Depending on this process of translation, unity in diversity is achieved worldwide.


  • Featured Event: ‘After 100 Years in Morocco’ |Rauma, Finland

    Tuomas Koskialho will be exhibiting this extraordinary photographic series, starting this Friday, June 3rd, at the gallery Sepän Talo, in Rauma, Finland.  Click the title below to see the series.




    Opening of exhibition: Friday, 06/03/2015 5pm-7pm

    Gallery open: Tuesday - Friday, 11am to 5pm and Sat - Sun 11am - 4pm

    Dates: June 3 - June 26th, 2016

    Venue: Sepän Talo Gallery, Alfredinkatu 3, 26100, Rauma




    "My friend - good stuff?! Smoke hash? Maybe you like girls? Very hot. I have twenty of them and a room just for you, my friend!".

    1407668710-Untitled-1-of-10-1200x1600Henri Matisse työskenteli Marokossa vuosina 1912-1913 käytteän seksityöntekijöitä malleinaan - ja nyt he katsovat meitä takaisin Matissen mestariteoksista. Tarkoitukseni oli rakentaa pastissi Matissen maalauksista keskittyen Marokon seksiturismi-kenttään, teeskentelemällä olevani seksituristi.

    Paikalliset hustlerit tekivät minulle tarjouksia, ennen kuin ehdi edes etsiä mitään. Ostin heille lounaita, olutta ja tupakkaa, ja vastineeksi sain kuvata heidän seksityöläisiään. Naurettavan helppoa maassa, jossa prostituutio on jyrkästi kiellettyä.

    Prostituutiota tapahtuu kaikkialla, mutta seksiturismi tarkoittaa jotain muuta. Erityisesti silloin, kun se tapahtuu Marokon kaltaisessa kehtiysmaassa. Seksituristit tulevat vauraista maista ja näin ollen valtasuhteet eivät ole tasapainossa. Köyhimmät seksityöläiset olivat kotoisin pienistä kylistä ja heidät oli pakotettu ammattiinsa - joko suoraan tai epäsuorasti.

    Valokuva on rajattoman voimakas väline. Ei ole epätavallista, että seksituristit ottavat seksityöläisistä puhelimillaan kuvia ja lataavat ne verkkoon. Tämä aiheuttaa prostituoiduille lisää ongelmia, vaikka he ovat jo valmiiksi tilanteen uhreja. Halusin imitoida tätä ilmiötä ja nostaa aiheen esille.

    Käsittelin kuvani kuitenkin siten, ettei kukaan kuvan henkilö ole tunnistettavissa.


    1279445443-Untitled-8-of-10-1600x1200English translation:

    ”My friend - good stuff?! Smoke hash? Maybe you like girls? Very hot. I have twenty of them and a room just for you, my friend!”

    Henri Matisse was working in Morocco in 1912-1913 and local prostitutes were modeling for him - and now they are staring back from Matisse’s masterpieces. My intention was to create a pastiche of Matisse’s paintings, focusing on the sex tourism scene in Morocco by pretending to be a sex tourist.

    The hustlers will find you before you’ll find them. They will see you from miles away. I bought them drinks, lunches and cigarettes and in return I could photograph their girls. This was ridiculously easy in a country where prostitution is strictly forbidden.

    1079203405-Untitled-4-of-10-1152x1600I assume prostitution is happening everywhere, however sex tourism is more complicated - especially when it’s taking place in a developing country such as Morocco. The customers, or ’Johns’, are usually from rather wealthy countries and therefore the power relations are nowhere near in balance. The poorest prostitutes I photographed are from small villages and they are forced into the scene, directly or indirectly.

    A photograph has unlimited power. It’s not unusual that the Johns take photos of the prostitutes and upload them online. This has caused plenty of trouble for the prostitutes, who are already the victims of the game. By imitating the whole phenomenon I want to raise awareness - This should not be happening.

    I edited my photos in order to make it impossible to identify the people in the pictures.



  • Featured Event: ‘Remnants’ | Oakland, Ca

    EAS artist Rea de Guzman's work in a solo exhibition, starting today in Oakland, California.



    by Rea Lynn de Guzman

    Exhibition Dates: May 17 - July 25, 2016
    Reception: Saturday, June 4, 2016
    Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm
    In this solo exhibition, San Francisco-based artist Rea Lynn de Guzman references the iconography of "Maria Clara", which is both a mestiza character from Jose Rizal’ s novel "Noli Me Tangere", and metonym for a traditional dress woven from piña fiber and organza. De Guzman’s work explores the colonial history of the pineapple in the Philippines, the native’s appropriation of piña fiber, and its relationship with the idea of "Maria Clara". Originally, Spain introduced the pineapple to the Philippines (from another colony); now the Philippines are the world’s largest pineapple producer. Piña fiber - extracted from leaves and woven with organza - became an ingredient in traditional upper-class Filipina women’s clothing known colloquially as "Maria Clara."
    "Maria Clara" embodies Philippine ideals of female beauty equated with light skin, accompanied by stereotypes of chastity and demureness. Through her art, de Guzman presents and challenges the displacement and inferiorization of native ideals by the colonizer, signified by clothing made from a foreign fruit. Through the process of repetitive layering and a palette evoking skin tones, de Guzman utilizes the tactility of specific materials, such as image transfers on synthetic organza, to symbolically extract and repudiate the imposed ideals and stereotypes—material remnants intertwined with cultural legacies.

    Paolo Mejia Fine Arts & Design, Jack London Square Realty, 311 Oak Street, Suite 116 Oakland, CA 94607


  • Featured Event: ‘Periapsis’ | Lárisa, Greece

    After a series of several experimental presentations, the Periapsis Project  is now about to complete its narrative timeline of apocalyptic events at CASK Gallery, Larissa, Greece.


    Periapsis Project

    Opening: Monday March 21st

    Time: 9:00pm

    Dates: March 21st - April 15, 2016

    This cooperation is recognized as a cosmic phenomenon explained in both digital and physical form. The project makes a raw and allegoric remark on the human need to embellish the unknown, colliding it with the metaphysical. Based on the Idea/Concept about the Angelic Fall of Kyriakos Bournas, the Periapsis team builds a world of apocalyptical recalcitrance on the orbit of such a fall and contributes to the visualization of the narration. This aims to puzzle the viewer as to which side they would choose when exposed to an inexplicable event. Cinematography, animation, video games and graphic novels use concept art in their production process as shown by the stages of the project’s visual development. The team experiment on the graphic representation by K. Bournas thus activating an intellectual challenge for the viewer by claiming that human nature is unconscious of its place in the universe. Using a science fiction story applied onto the real futuristic world, and with the use of any source (religious, philosophical, political or economic) as well as any anthropocentric science, Periapsis comes to recommend a new mean of making art: It introduces us to the world of a constantly evolving industry of games, films and concept art.

    Venue: CASK Gallery Όσσης 3, 41221 Lárisa, Greece

  • Featured Event: ‘Over Time’ | London, United Kingdom

    EAS artist Xiaoqiao Li will be in a two artists show opening today at the Crypt Gallery in London.

    ac5848f9-b986-4e9c-980c-facefc71e9f9Over Time

    The Poetic Image of the Urbanscape


    Preview: 6pm-9pm, March 4th, 2016

    Time: March 4th: 6-9pm, March 5th: 10am-5pm

    Over Time is an exhibition exploring the sensation of the urbanscape from the perspective of two artists. Printmaker Xiaoqiao Li collects and captures the different moments that touch him in the city, while artist Kelly Bishop aims to highlight the subtle power of places usually seen as surplus to 'true landscape'. 

    The exhibition is inspired by John Dewey’s idea of ‘Art as Experience’, that the fundamental element of art is no longer the material artworks themselves but rather the experience. This project will use light and darkness to lead audiences to experience and interpret artworks in a new way, juxtaposing sound, poetry and space. By combining theatricality and exhibition design, the experience of art is transformed.

    Venue: The Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Parish Church, Euston Road, NW1 2BA London, United Kingdom

  • Featured Event: THAT ART FAIR | Cape Town, South Africa


    Instruments of OrbitTHAT ART FAIR 


    18th February 2016 - 6th March 2016

    Times: Monday - Thursday 11am - 6pm, Friday - Saturday 10am - 7pm, Sundays 10am - 5pm

    Pebofatso Mokoena will exhibit new silkscreens, a monotype and a painting which investigate the complexities of families, whose members experience different aspects of the ever-quickening phenomenon of globalisation and technological communication.


     See Pebofatso's profile here.


    THAT ART FAIR is an initiative of ART AFRICA magazine, the leading African contemporary arts magazine to be founded and published from Africa, for Africa, by Africans. Based in Cape Town, ART AFRICA was founded in 2002 by Brendon and Suzette Bell-Roberts under the title ARTsouthAFRICA magazine. Now in its 14th year, the publication is dedicated to promoting and stimulating a vibrant African creative arts industry. We are committed to actively promoting transformation and cultural understanding; growing art networks and creating opportunities for young artistic talent from the African continent.


    Participating Galleries: 34 Fine Art (Cape Town, South Africa), Afriart (Kampala, Uganda), ARTCO Art Gallery (Aachen. Germany), Art Lab (Luanda, Angola), Candice Berman Fine Art (Johannesburg, South Africa), Diedericks Faber Fine Art (Cape Town, South Africa), EBONY (Cape Town, South Africa), Eclectica Design and Art (Cape Town, South Africa), First Floor Gallery (Harare, Zimbabwe), Mojo Gallery (Dubai, UAE), Red Room (Cape Town, South Africa), SA Print Gallery (Cape Town, South Africa), Worldart (Cape Town, South Africa)

    Venue: Palms Centre, Woodstock, Cape Town.

    for more information, please visit thatartfair.com

  • Featured Event: SV + VS (Sonifying Visuals + Visualizing Sound) | Los Angeles, California

    EAS artist Camella DaEun Kim continues to thrive in the exhibition world! Be sure to check out her work this Saturday if you are in the Los Angeles area.

    12489179_10153778874384976_6289315377411070466_oSV + VS (Sonifying Visuals + Visualizing Sound) 

    Opening: Saturday January 23rd

    Time: 6:00p.m. - 9:00p.m.

    Exhibition Program: Saturday January 23rd, 7pm Opening Performance by Ryan McGee.

    Exhibition Date: January 23rd - March 18th, 2016

    Hours: Tuesday - Friday (10:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.)

    Visual Music is an art form that transforms auditory data into visual experience and shares aesthetics of music with the visual language. Artists have used computer programming to create algorithmic composition and visualization based on sound data. Mapping sound into the visual language (colors, shapes and forms) can boost up higher user engagement and reading ability. Immersive audiovisual experience using sensory devices opens up a new possibility in media art and visual music field.

    Venue: Fellows of Contemporary Art, 970 N. Broadway, Suite 208, Los Angeles, CA 90012