Baybayin Language Projector

ABS & PETG plastic sheets, riveted & suspended (approx. 70” height), 2012

Language Projector was an artistic tool I created for projection, tracing, translation, and documentation of the strata of changes in language in relation to origin and derivative. The piece highlighted the hegemony of language through time and confronted the dark, quiet disappearance of the lost original signifiers that have been modified and/or replaced. This hidden violence was reenacted through the torturous way the characters were drilled, twisted, and pop-riveted forcibly to form new shapes, existing in a new realm of possibility. The new forms were then connected together and suspended into space around an artificial light source, producing shadows on the surrounding floor and walls of my studio. Through this process, I engendered an investigation of the evolution of a dominated language: forced translations abstracted continuously through travel between different media and physical dimensionalities in my material explorations.


      I think there is something really interesting (that is beautifully true and truthfully beautiful) in the way you and Azizullah Hazara treat a difficult subject and find   with quite the same outcomes: the fascinating and uncanny atmosfere of shadow. We are captured in the theatre (the tridimensional effect of shadows) where of shadows show the unspoken and languages shout in silence. thank you. Paola bartolozzi