La vue à travers la fenêtre

video instalation (variable), 2014

Video installation “La vue à travers la fenêtre” (English: A view through the window) creates the imaginary space, a line of windows, through which the visitors of the gallery can look through and observe strangers, strange places and random everyday details. Every artificial window is constructed with stage tape on the wall and inside there is a projection of video separated in two layers: each is showing different details of everyday life. In the gallery there is one source of sound and we can hear café ambient and the talk between a woman and a man. The conversation is 9:50 min long and we can listen to the famous conversation between the Nana and the philosopher from the Jean-Luc Godard's film “Vivre Sa Vie” (English: My life to live), where they discuss about the necessity and inadequacy of words. While we listen to the dialogue we can observe windows and see how different scenes are happening in every window. In front of each window there is a table with two wine glasses, half full. And on one table there are two coffees. Video material was shot in Paris. The dialogue is French, but there are subtitles projected on the wall, below one of the windows (in English). In videos we can see the Parisian life, people with different social backgrounds, random strangers, small apartments, views of city from above, city at night and city at day. In the gallery viewers suddenly become watchers and almost stalkers, who are looking through windows and observe what is happening on the other side. Artist tries to recreate the real feeling of windows and the everyday environment on the other side, but the irony is that visitors watch the wall and the digital reflection of the moving image which is only the document of time.

Video: Valerie Wolf Gang 

Assistant: Urša Bonelli Potokar

Exhibited: Gallery Incubator, Zagreb, Croatia