Freedom 2.0

video instalation (variable), 2012
FREEDOM 2.0 started as a poetry who reveals the true hypocrisy of our era and the real fake freedom we all live in. The video shows the search of a personal freedom and questions the real life boundaries. Valerie Wolf Gang believes that every single person can do something about it, but first we have to question everything. How free we really are? Think again.
"In Valerie Wolf Gang's FREEDOM 2.0, the sense of social and ideological alienation is played out through careful visual choice of materials and reconstructions. Yet, an emerging divergent sense of resistance made possible through the execution of the presented work shows up the very irony embedded in the constraining conditions of freedom - not as the presence of coercion but its absence. The very ideological condition of such symbolic production or representation becomes its very own success - in what is represented. And in FREEDOM 2.0, one is made aware of the instability of the larger ideological or symbolic order through the actual material configurations being presented - that things can be about something else other than what they are made out to be." - Lawrence Chin, ISSUE 1: LAND, Singaporean Annual Art Journal
concept, director, camera, editing, sound, installation: Valerie Wolf Gang
voice: Connor McIntyre
dancer: Alex Hong
sponsors: University of Nova Gorica, Lassale College Of The Arts, Institute of Contemporary Arts Singaproe
- Institute of Contemporary Arts, Singapore
- Palace Alvarez, Gorizia, Italia
nomination: ESSL ART AWARD 2013