From Off to On

Video (1280x720 px), 2014

My work titled „From off to on” focuses on the differences between the perception of reality and virtual reality. Since technology is so largely present in our everyday lives I observed how much I am detached from my own surrounding and my own body. How having no internet connection is influencing my behavior. I want to represent those thoughts, feelings, and impressions such as alienation and depersonalization through the narrative, photographs and videos I took. It is my own way of translating how i feel and what is happening around me and share this with a sourranding world. I don't think people like to talk about those weird things happening in their brains. Through art I am able to translate those weird things and share them with people around. 

My work is a visual essay of how our body and mind are responding to the interaction with virtuality. An essay, because the meaning of the work falls between the surfaces I am using in my work and they speak for themselves. The photographs focus on the relationship between the body - flesh and blue - representation of the virtual, intangible. 

I have always been fascinated by the color blue and since it is largely occurring color in technology ( No Video Signal, Blue screen of death, Social media, link, hyperlinks, hashtags ) i was interested in the idea how to show this estranged experienced which is this interaction with the virtual together with my own body. The color of flesh and blue are so strongly opposing to each other that the strangeness of it becomes almost natural just as the opposite attracts. 

The transparency, reflections, shininess, gum- like textures, they are all representations of what kind of surfaces are surrounding us. I used lots of hands as hands are the main interactors with the surfaces. Our hands are performing lots of movements when it comes to using technology and I am trying to bring that on another level by showing my way of seeing how this hand put together with blue surface starts to have a life on its own. It is introspective, enigmatic insight into an intimate encounter with an abstraction of our minds. 

Here is a link to the video :