Mivka / Sand / Areia

experimental video poetry (1920x1080 px), 2015

“Mivka / Sand / Areia” is the first poem from the video poetry anthology "An Artist Abroad". It was inspired by the first contact Valerie had when coming to Portugal: sand. Portugal is known by its beautiful sandy beaches and sand can be found all over the country. Sand also has a strong symbolism in the poem and it represents one of the questions Valerie was dealing with when months went by while living in a new country: “Can leaving abroad makes you lose your identity?” The video poem is in three different languages: Slovenian, English and Portuguese. It is simultaneously playing and overlaying each other, which captures the feeling of living abroad; having a Slovenian language for a mother’s tongue, but at the same time the thoughts in the head become translated to English (which is the first language Valerie used for communicating with local Portuguese people) and soon we hear the thoughts starting to learn and speak Portuguese, which is a new language and a completely new world. Lost in languages, lost in identity.

For more information about the project visit: http://artist-abroad.com/portfolio/video-poetry-collection/