Data Conflux: Oscillator to Inform Static Infinity

Wood, emergency safety blanket, tin foil, cellophane mesh, VHS tape, Televisions, looped video, mirrors, overhead projector, found objects, 2014

Conductive material is manipulated excessively as it obstructs
electromagnetic transmission to form a Faraday cage. The cage blocks all
outside signal - isolating those inside into a  personal state of
static meditation. Multiple televisions are channeled to noise as an
attempt to release the CMB(Cosmic Microwave Background) - cooled
remnants from the original Big Bang explosion. Excessive static TV sets
air to the residual radiation of the universe.  I entice one to reach a
spectrum know as ‘blackbody’ and attain a thermal equilibrium while
exposing an abundance of light elements to ideal infinity. However,
looped videos of solitary prison cells allude to an uneasy Utopia.
Externally, amorphous data discharge lurks above and drifts representing
predetermined instances and journey. Dispersed around the safe-hold,
the thresholds propose the paradox decision to outstrip conformity or
maintain existence within a systematic asylum.