(Un)finished ideas, the drawing

Drawing, installation (4.5m x 4m), 2017

The work it self is divided into 4 parts - video documentation, a large scale drawing and two objects. In the video documentation it is shown how I interact with self made or found objects which later on are used for an installation. In the installation concrete ingot and tree log are presented in an alternative way, according to the drawing. It is, as if objects were yet to be installed properly or were installed incorrectly. What was the intention? It is drawn. The drawing in this work could be interpreted as a plan. Something, that shows the way of how things had to be done. For example, concrete ingot in the drawing is shown to be lifted, put on a wooden construction or on a wrapping tape, etc. But in the installation - the ingot was manipulated differently. And the same goes for the tree log.The idea of this disorientation or disability of actually doing something right becomes the ability to stop when it is most necessary. Is it really so desperately important to do something right according to the future visions or plans sometimes? It's for individual to decide, but in my opinion, I see a lot of significance in activities, that has multiple routes to grow or evolve into something better than it may have been thought at first.