oil, canvas (80x85)

Only when people grow up they understand that the whole value of their childhood, the time when they have no problems, responsibilities and serious dangers and were surrounded by peace and care.  In our modern world of cruel and violence the only thing that can help us to win this competition of life is to carry through it our remembers of sweet and sunny time. I think that it is truth statement about our childhood as the happiest time in our life.

    • Mariia, your paintings have an effortless and vibrant aesthetic that reminds me of post impressionism and more specifically Monet’s “Woman with a Parasol.” This particular piece, although the colors are less distinct, seems richer to me than some of your others.

      Through your strokes and color palette, I feel the warmth of the setting sun and the haze from expenditure. Your characters are enveloped in sunshine and cooled by a light breeze. The subtle sparkle of the water in contrast to the warmth of the scene is captivating in its intentionality. In spite of the lazy postures and afternoon, I see an excitement and inspiration in it.

      You convey so much emotion through your strokes and color palette, which one might traditionally expect from minute detailing. Even without seeing the expressions upon the three figures faces, the audience can interpret the characters’ sentiments through their postures.

      I’m curious why you chose to call this piece childhood. I see three adult figures, perhaps reflecting on the bliss that was their childhood as the bask in the sunshine by the water.