layers of history

pen & ink and tea wash on Wasli (a handmade sheet prepared with various layers of paper) (W 9.00 by H 13.00 inches)
This painting is also available with the frame, a very nice wooden frame that has been carefully selected by the artist. but the price that has mentioned £200 is for the painting without the frame, if someone wants to buy it with frame additional £50 will be charged.
In this work, I have used the human figures taken from Mughal miniature painting of sub-continent. I have used these figures as running for escape, that resembles the current situation of the world, where everyone is in hurry, want to run but don't know where to reach, what the destination, it seems that we are running from ourselves, everyone is shattered, and have no clue that how to gather our strengths. This image describes the situation very well, one can see a tension, movement and vibration in this painting as well as a clam area on the up-left side.