Arpita Akhanda


paper weave (12'' x 18'' each)
The next work explores the subject of nationalism.  The use of the iconic image of Abanindranath’s Bharat Mata in reference to the ongoing battle of patriotism towards mother India. Thus this work is a representation of various concepts. Reproducing the iconic “Bharat Mata’ side by side, the images are stripped and further weaved with another stripped paper containing news articles collected from news papers and internet sources. The weaved pieces however, also contain the name of each element that the original Bharat Mata figure is holding: ‘Cloth, Sheaf, Beads, and Learn’ and also the respective elements are focused in each frame. On the other hand, the pixelated form of the work also visualize the concept of clarity and un-clarity depending on distance .This work thus explores the possibilities of evoking the ideas on the image and texts together.