On the Origin of Species, Room I., detail II.

Ceramics, textile, sand, sound (Site specific), 2018
Reflecting upon Charles Darwin's groundbreaking book On the origin of species, I created a site specific solo exhibition at Gallery Božidar Jakac, Kostanjevica na Krki in Slovenia. The research of the theory inspired me to research different materials, think about space and how to translate the concept in four fixed spaces of the gallery.
First room: The Embrio room. Here I was researching the first forms of life, the cell growth. My goal was to research the minimalistic form and how to develop it with the principle of cells dividing.
Detail II. : With the shadow, I was connecting the hanging and the lying sculpture. Sand also has a big role in the exhibition. Coming from outside, with the stone floor into space, which with the softness of the sand changes your step and the perception of the space around you. with the dim light and the sound of a heartbeat in the background,  you are in a womb-like space.