This is all what I see

Oil & acrylic on canvas (36 x 48 in)

When I paint, I draw the most familiar what I see every day. Discovering the memories and mapping up the emotions
through dislocation, nostalgia in pain and excitement in anxiety. It is a response to the dynamics in the world which
interfere between time and space on one hand, whereas history and present on the other. Multiple things happen when
you paint, bubbles of the past, present and future juggle at the same time. Suddenly one of them would pop and deep
dive into nostalgia, and that is when it recalls whatever is heard or read in a childhood. A thought that comes to the
mind is like a seesaw (What I have seen for so many years suddenly becomes absurd, as if we are concealing as well as
we are revealing our own self).
Women wield power, particularly in relation to ritual and the generation of life. This work of art symbolizes the walls of
life with joy, wonder, menace and melancholy in an intricate kaleidoscope of human emotion.
This work is also inspired by a mundane object like a piggy bank with collected memories, feminine fables and mirror
dreams. Women who have been protecting each other with oracular power, and who seems to hold together each other
is my representation on canvas. Offering a nod to her source of inspiration executed in the vibrant primary color
palette of reds, yellows and blues. Throwing light on the wings that determine the urge to fly, originating from the
elements that are left behind attracts you back to the childhood memory parallels. Little things buried deep down in a
memory lane for years, will emerge like a tsunami one day. This point of difficulty will take a lot of courage and power
to collect all the heap and molecule it.