The Other Window

Oil & acrylic on canvas (36 x 48 in)

The one who wears a smile, whose fun to be with, who's vibrant but there's a lot behind the smile she
carries. The fear is real , but everyone's fear has exactly same tedious lyrics that is stop ,stop ,stop.
To me every painting is like an armor to aid, injury to protect,to aid to heal an injury made by life, by past
done to self to protect me. The spirit to fight, fight back. Because, our dreams desiccate in the fear of a
desolate boneyard in hot sun.
Burying those barriers,they are there to help each other. The window is the gate to vent out those
emotions,the red frame signifies the bond of trust.
In this world where people enjoy the struggles of another's pom & show , who holds on to endless
resentments. I've tried to throw some light on the bond of femininity. The glorious nature of women who
together are helping out to sew all large little threads of past and present for future. Juxtaposing struggles
and enjoyments in the same frame with bright bold colors. Where the sky is blue and it is lovely too.