experimental image in motion (videoart / animation / photography) (1920x1080)

Body_File01 is a project about body, movement and immateriality, generated through an experimental process of digitalization of the action, which then became a digitally reproducible sequence.

In this process the body (or the idea of ​​it as a whole) was fragmented and then, in its vulnerability, confronted directly by the machine, capturing peculiarities and marks such as scars, scabs, moles and wounds, as well as other elements that were foreign to the body but somehow they were affecting it inside at that time (like the medications that appear in the secuence), exposing its intimacy, fragility and weakness, but also its ability to heal.

This exercise also gives the opportunity to observe the body from the distance and even with detachment, in its fragmentation it has become foreign to the image of a covered totality that used to be there before.

In the end the result is an immaterial body, deformed and exposed, an intimate body made public, converted into a digital file easily multiplied and reproducible even simultaneously (at the same time and in the same space), and with multiple possibilities of being exposed. A file of the body in motion frozen right in the act, to later grant it the movement again, but this time artificially through the electronic processes of a machine.