I started doing photography around four years ago. It was for a biodiversity project on recording the occurrences of nature in your local environment. I enjoyed greatly creating art in that manner. Everything was captured and preserved. I could collage and I could make portraiture with exactly what I wanted to frame. I was at first inspired by the natural environment, and now I am concentrating on architecture and street photography. Alexander Rodchenko, Rankin and Cindy Sherman where my main influences.  When I am concentrating on animal anatomy and body functions I cite Damien Hirst as a big inspiration. I find nature to be a constant source of inspiration. I use a Nikon D5000 for portraiture, and for everything else my Lumix Panasonic DMC FZ38. It is a fabulous all round camera. Often writing them down or basing them on what is in demand. For personal projects I look to the news and social injustice and suffering and for cover art work I base myself on literary arts and venture towards the more abstract.