For last few years the contextual framework of my works are on the basis of understanding and observation of ‘land-Escape’, a term pretty much inherent in the artworks and the process I am currently working on. The concept of ‘Land-Escape’ is an outcome of observation of transfiguration of the metropolitan cities and territories. An aspect through which I would like to discourse the reflection of time and the correlation between man and land. When I see through a window, there is nothing else than the clustered concrete deprived of aesthetics and the bleak reality of the rapidly growing metropolitan cities feels claustrophobic to me. A paradox of vertical and horizontal lines, a parody of Suprematism, chastised by the vehemence of progress. The adversity of time and hustled lifestyle had change the definition of landscape. Architectonic characteristics of my works are certainly metaphorical; combined with industrial products I am trying to depict the phenomena of Land-Escape.

Adjacent to this, I have been working on some projects which may not directly connect to this concept of Land-Escape; but merely a reflect of human nature and endeavours as a process of progression. Medium plays a significant role to reflect the implicit characteristics of the work. Though, these works doesn’t belong to the concept as analogous to that can be felt with sentiment. These works are part of process development and parallel; so, I don’t want to segregate into different group or concept.

Pursued by the childhood eagerness of making things out of anything, I am developing a process of transfiguration through multiple mediums. As a student of drawing & painting I had the feeling of coming out of the boredom of 2D surface, so I started to use plywood cut-outs, stencil hangings etc. to form multiple dimensions. Starting with a primary visual of the work, driven by uncertainty, I keep on researching for new areas of interest which lead to the next body of work. Exploring different art genres and idioms for new visuals and metaphors, inspired from miniature and archives to modern and post-modern art, I take history as most significant part of my process. Believing in the thought of local to global, I am trying to integrate my works in contemporary art world.

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