Hello, my name's Dariana Chem. I'm from Saint-Petersburg,Russia and I'm 24 years old. In 2019 I finished my 6 years course of textile design at the Shtiglitz Academy of fine arts and design. I also had a graphic design 2 years course and had my master degree for surface making design.
Art for me is a way to communicate with myself and other people. I like to make alive my thoughts through the pictures. This can happen by different ways like appliqué art, photographies, graffitis, prints for clothes or just hand sketches. I can’t choose something one and work only in this direction. When I get a new idea I can realise what technic and materials should I use. What’s better and more interesting for me at the moment. I fond of combine my skills for example drawing on the photos, using digital art for clothes print, it’s let me think big.
The major keys of inspiration for me are people, travel and music. And of course - bright emotions, like happiness and anger. I always want to transform it for something different. Create some decorative surface or make a story with this feeling. Also I’m keen on psychology, old movies and fashion.

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