When creating my photographs, I have always wanted to present something new to the audience, through various ways like experimenting with the symbols found in the photograph, or through the form itself, or even through the new interpretation of old ideas. I have always noticed that among my peers, there aren’t enough photographers that are keen on conceptual and experimental photography—most of them lean towards fashion, street and travel photography. While this isn’t entirely a bad thing, I believe that there is much more to photography in the Philippines that can be pushed forward.


I always had a problem with people thinking that photography should just be beautiful and as crisp and clear as possible. While these are important components of the visual form, I also believe that it should have a function or content: that a photograph is not just a means to present something beautiful, but also to present new ideas.  I like to believe that my works lead people into thinking why or how and what is this about?


In my photographs, all that is essential is included. This belief comes from English Photographer, Henry Peach Robinson who was famous for combination printing—the formation of an entirely new image through joining multiple negatives. In my work, I have staged sceneries and portraits of people and in H.P. Robinson’s words: make the unpicturesque, picturesque.