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    Thank you for your thought-provoking comment Paola! I definitely agree that my art fosters my personal growth. However, I am  not sure that it was ever so deliberate. I pick media based on my mood. Ink, color, and paint are bold and had been my biggest challenges successively. When I feel brave those are what I attempt. When I seek solace I revert back to what I know, sketches in graphite. Over the years I have grown more comfortable with pen and color. I tend to use both more often now. When we practice what we fear, we eventually start to feel safer. My goal as an artist is to always keep having challenges. I never want to feel too safe.

    I think acrylics are my newest challenge. I loved oil painting in college because of the way oils blended and the paint never dried so you could keep revising until it was just what you wanted. Acrylic has a sense of permanence, one of my greatest fears. However, I am learning the facet of acrylics which I enjoy most is that you can paint over something as if it never existed. You cannot adjust or refine, but in a sense you can erase. As a person, I find comfort in motion and growth as opposed to clean breaks and fresh starts. With all the moving I have done in the past six years, I feel that I have left a piece of my heart wherever I have been.

    • Very interesting and generous, thank you. 

      The issue about some deliberation on “our” purpose is tricky. It can lead right away to cheat ourselves…I would rather prefer a way of seeing/making that can escape “my” control and investigate on that “gap”. On the other hands I cannot resist to play with pencils… with their peculiar smell… I completely agree with you. Also for me sketches in graphite, reproducing a model, confort me, maybe because I elude myself . When you say that acrylics has a sense of permanence … you mean a sense of immutability, changelessness, fixity… I guess… if “acrylics" have a character… I will describe them as pretty bold and uncaring. Hope they did not “erase” the heart you could have left under…

      Thank you a lot it is a pleasure to read your words. Warmly. Paola Bartolozzi