• Report from the field: ‘Building Bridges’ Opening Night in Bangalore, India

    The third of the tri-city ‘Building Bridges’ exhibitions opened last night at the Gallery Sumukha, in Bangalore. It was preceded by the exhibitions at the Art Multi-Discipline, Kolkata and at the Art Consult Gallery, New Delhi.

    Gallery Sumukha on the opening night, March 17, 2018

    The three exhibitions have brought to a conclusion a project conceived and created by Indian artist Ushmita Sahu in collaboration with Emergent Art Space. The project, started in September 2017, has brought together 13 young artists: Alejandro Zertuche, from Mexico, Kate McElroy, from Ireland, Jasmina Runevska, from Macedonia, Nathi Kumhalo, form South Africa, Tatjana Henderieck, from Belgium, Dengke Chen, from China and the US, and Ashok Vish, Bhargav Barla, Prany Dutta, Sarasija Subramanian, Sonam Chaturvedi, Souvik Majumdar and Vishal Kumaraswamy. from India.


    The Gallery Sumukha is a spacious, open space, and it could take on the challenge of hosting the many works skillfully arranged around the walls and on two pedestals in the middle. A new media exhibition, involving videos and sounds, as well as photographs and physical objects, poses strong technical challenges and lighting requirements, but the result was outstanding. As you walked in, you could take in the broad scope and richness of the show, and as you approached the works, one by one, you could appreciate how each work was given the proper space it needed to be absorbed and enjoyed.

    Ashok Vish and Vishal Kumaraswamy, from Bangalore, were wonderful hosts, Sarasija Subramanian flew in from Baroda and Sonam Chaturvedi from Delhi to help with the installation and be present at the opening, and Kate, travelling between Nepal and Thailand, arrived from somewhere not too far.

    From left to right: Ashok Vish, Kate McElroy, Ushmita Sahu, Sarasija Subramanian, Sonam Chaturvedy, Vishal Kumaraswamy

    Arriving from San Francisco to represent Emergent Art Space, I greatly appreciated the opportunity to meet in person the curator, Ushmita Sahu, with whom we had collaborated virtually for many months, and the artists, whom also I had met virtually on the pages of the Building Bridges blog.

    It was exciting to be there, during both the last hours of the installation and the opening event, to see everybody at work, taking care of the numerous details that up to the last minute require attention and care, to participate in the excitement that always precedes an exhibition opening, and then to mingle with the visitors who crowded the gallery and the small yard outside: young art students as well as renown artists, teachers, curators, and many friends. An evening of celebration of the many cross cultural bridges this project has created, and of the power of art.

    Grazia Peduzzi



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