• Artist Feature : Firdaus Adhitya

    Firdaus Adhitya, a 26 year old artist from Indonesia, recently joined the Emergent Art Space community with a stiking series of monochromatic mixed-media portraits.  Fellow EAS artist Maddie Blake interviewed Firdaus about this work and his process:

    MB : Is this the same man in each picture? 

    FA : Yes, each picture is a self-portrait, but of different personalities.

    MB : Describe your artistic process with these portraits? 

    FA : First, I took a portrait of myself, using a digital camera and DIY lamp. Then I edited it with Photoshop to create the distorted image. From this image I know the direction and distortion for the paintings.

    MB : How does the title "Bias or Refraction" relates to these pictures?

    FA : Bias is Indonesian language for refraction, just like a light bent by a prism. There is one source of light, me, which penetrates a prism, my environment like family, friends, work, etc, and spreads many lights- my personality.


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