• Announcement: Aik Sath Satra’n | Karachi, Pakistan

    Pakistani artist Fariha Rashid has curated an exhibition of artworks by artists and faculty from the University of Gujarat, opening this Wednesday! 


    Aik Sath Satra’n

    Curated by Fariha Rashid


    Opening: Wednesday, November 14th, 2018

    Time: 6:00pm

    Dates: November 14th - 22nd, 2018


    'Art in today’s times, all around the globe is an amalgamation of materials, concepts and subjects. In present times Pakistani art scene is presenting a combination of 20th century art movements. With the help of this reference what we witness is the true expression of intellectual individuality. Artscene gallery in Karachi is showcasing together seventeen artists under the title ‘aik sath satra’.

    Show is compiled with the works of faculty members/ practicing artists of University of the Gujarat. It exhibits total thirty two art works in number of different genre applying different methods and techniques varying from gauche on wasli to mix media, oil’s and acrylics on canvases. Every artwork is narrating a story of its own happenings along with strengthening individuals and coming together under the title of ’aik sath satra’ diverting and conveying the message of strength and empowerment from individual aspect to a larger scale, addressing collectively the strength and intellectual empowerment of artistic society.

    What is interesting about the collection is the absence but still presence of form creating a process of conveying messages through lines, patterns and symbols. Over the entire exhibition is a unification of diverse languages sorted and complied under one shade conveying the message of artistic strength and its collective expression.'

    Suffah NaeemPracticing artist and PhD researcher from University of the Punjab (UCAD)


    Venue: Art Scene Galleries, F-39/1,Block 4, Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan 75500