• Amazing work, Rajah Bose. You've done a wonderful job catching the elegant simplicity of everyday life. There's an amazing dimension of tactility in these photos that I don't usually see in documentary photography. It's really enticing. Lovely, as always. Keep it up!

    • "To see places from the eyes of locals, rather than tourists" is such a great maxim, that every traveler, and especially every traveler with a camera, should adopt. It is strongly reflected in your photographs, in the details they capture.
      Hands have a strong presence in your photos, the hand of manual labor, the hand that holds, the hand that touches, and the hand that exchanges. Beautiful details.

    • Rajah these photos of the Common Man are so RICH! The detail of textures, the small and delicate objects, the lusciousness of the food. Your photos offer a visceral education of the people you are documenting.