"What brings us together, even when coming from different walks of life, backgrounds, experiences, and cultures?

This is a very intriguing question for me as it has made me want to start a new project entirely. I have created a project that deals with the dynamics of family and household, and another one which is currently on the EAS called AGES which deals with how capitalism and globalisation work hand in hand, and how that here in South Africa talk about power as to who is owning what.

But the question above reminded me how art can be used as a social tool to talk about our similarities rather than difference, i remember the edge and passion i had before i was even viewed as a photographer.

That enthusiasm and positive energy that helped me to want to be an artist and to purse a career which i felt was going t0 have an opportunity to collaborate with a lot of people and have reactions

This brought to me a chance to let go of my ego and expectations,  because when working with people, we have to have common understanding and strength in order to be able to create a project which reflect both parties level of creativity and intention.

I feel that this is a challenge which i am ready to take on and have a more in depth response to my life and experience and also known someone else background and culture, which i believe has a lot of similarities as well as differences, but have a common thread to them.

Looking forward to collaborations.

These are some images form my project on home.

which also was talking about my background, identity  and my culture in a family context.  But also raising question on the construct on home








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