• Scribble it Down: OPEN CALL



    “Scribble It Down” is an international artistic collaboration. In this project, each participant artist gets to work with several artists from different countries around the world on the same digital page.

    Each artist gets to start a new work, end a work or be part of an ongoing artwork where the artist is asked to add his unique touch to the final piece.

    “Scribble It Down” is inspired from the most basic act of several people interacting around a piece of paper and allowing each other to add something new to the work in progress. During this project, the artist is free to paint or draw, can add photographs or any other element that can be made to exist in the digital format. All the while having other artists react to the additions.

    I believe that modern media demands that we communicate and share our work and our life with each other in different ways. Naturally, art must be part of this new communication and sharing. “Scribble It Down” seeks to explore and exceed the barriers of our own individuality through mutual cooperation.

    The final work of “Scribble It Down- Under 28″ will be shown on the Emergent Art Space website in 4/2013


    How to apply:

    Please send an E-mail to Einat Moglad: einat.moglad@gmail.com

    Deadline to Apply: 15.8.2012

    The E-mail Application should include the following:

    • Indicate your age group: Scribble It Down- Under 28 or Scribble It Down- 28 and up
    • Indicate if you are an Emergent Art Space Student Artist
    • A digital work sample of 5 images to show your fluency with digital art making (The final work will be created in Adobe Photoshop)
    • A short artist statement (no more than 200 words)
    • A short paragraph explaining your motivation in joining “Scribble It Down”