• ‘Art & Human Rights: Conversing Multiplicities’ Live Exposition | University of Concordia, Montreal, Canada

    Arts & Human Rights: Conversing Multiplicities Exposition was fully energized by engaged visitors in Montreal, along with students and faculty at Concordia University!

    Exposition Events

    May 30th - June 8th, 2023

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    Opening Night at the Live Exhibition | Thursday, June 1st, 2023

    Arts & Human Rights Vernnisage included a walk-through of the Emergent Art Space and Conversing Mulciplicities exhibition, a panel discussion on building positive relations between the arts and human rights with co-curators and Andrea Fitzpatrick, Jabeur Fathally and Omid Milani and Waste Whisperer an art installation/micro-opera about waste by Eldad Tsabary.

    Exhibition Walk-Through

    Panel Discussion

    Waste Whisperer | Art Installation

    Friday | June 2nd

    Synapic Soundwave | Live Performance

    Embroidering for Human Rights | Workshop

    Led by Sophia Boyadjian, participants engaged in conversations on social participation, political activism and oral history while embroidering quilt squares with patterns from historical images related to the Armenian genocide. Quilt squares completed will later be featured in a large-scale installation as part of Catherine Heard’s project Redwork: The Emperor of Atlantis.

    Closing Night | June 8th

    Closing Night Celebration:  included a panel discussion - Reclaiming Opera: Human Rights Issues in the Classical Cannon with Kristin Franseen, Juanita\Jay Marchand, Philon Nguyen, Eldad Tsabary and Patricia Yates – and was followed by a dance party at Waste Whisperer sound installation.