• Looking Back to ‘Building Bridges – Yangon’

    Looking back at the now famous exhibition 'Building Bridges -Yangon' we are happy to publish here clips of interviews with some of the artists who were part of that special event: Aung Thu Phyo, Bay Bay, Kaung Swan Thar, Pho Wa, Shun Wint Aung and Bo Bo talk about their works in the exhibition, what inspired them, and how they interpreted a theme that encouraged reflection on divisions, conflicts, separations, and the effort to move beyond, to find ways to communicate across social and cultural divides.


    Many thanks to all of you for your participation!

    The exhibition ‘Building Bridges -Yangon' took place in the historic Tourist Burma Building
    in Yangon, Mynamar,
    in July 2019. You can read more about the exhibition here.