Call for Participants

    Scribble it down 2 | "Parallel lives "

    “Scribble it down” is an international artistic collaboration. In this project, each participant works with several artists from different countries around the world on the same digital piece.

    “Scribble It Down” is inspired from the practice of multiple artists interacting with the same piece. Each participant adds something new to a work in progress. The artists are free to use whatever software to paint, draw, add photographs, or otherwise digitally manipulate the piece, and then they send it to the next participant to react and interact.

    I believe that the new technologies allow us to communicate and share our work and our lives with each other in different ways. Naturally, art must be part of this new ways of communicating and sharing. “Scribble it down” seeks to explore and exceed the barriers of our own individuality through mutual cooperation.

    This is the second round of the “Scribble it Down” project. This round will focus on the participants’ personal lives and how they intertwine with the lives of others. Given that each piece will be the product of a collaboration of several participants, the process will uncover ‘the personal’ as ‘the political’ from different points of view simultaneously.

    The final pieces will be shown on Emergent Art Space in 2014. See the Scribble it Down #1 at:

    https://emergentartspace.org/forum/6695/ How to apply:


    Please send an e-mail to Einat Moglad: einat.moglad@gmail.com

    Final deadline: 15.8.2013


    The E-mail should include the following in a single PDF file :

    • 5 images of your work, most preferably digital ones (for example Photoshop)
    • An artist statement (no more than 200 words)
    • A short biography
    • A short paragraph explaining your motivation in joining “Scribble it down” and your interest in “Parallel lives”

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