• Portraits by Elena Moreno | Seville, Spain


    Documentary portraits by Elena Moreno, art student at the University of Seville, Spain


    baba2"This documentation consists of six portraits and six biographies. Still a work in progress, it was created in the city of Seville, Spain, in the course of a few months." (Elena Moreno)

    In recent years, countries throughout Europe have felt the rise of African migration across their borders and they still struggle to deal with the social and economic questions raised by their changing cultural identities. Located nine miles from Morocco, Spain is the closest European country to Africa and is currently facing its biggest migration wave in decades.

    Young artist Elena Moreno explores the topic of African immigration in Seville, Spain through her own documentation, photographing people she meets on the street and recording their stories.

    courage"Some of the photographs were spontaneous and not planned in advance: we met, we spoke for a little while, and as we were saying goodbye I would ask if they would let me take a photograph."

    "What drew me to this project was a deep empathy for the many immigrants who come to this city in search of work and a better life. I wanted to bring to light the reality of their lives." (Elena Moreno)

    See more of the portraits and the accompanying biographies here.