• re: ‘Gods and Crime Scenes’ | Kolkata, India

    Your choice of Raja Ravi Varma is so interesting because he was a very traditional and technical color painter and you have contrasted figures from his work with treacherous, fantastical backgrounds. In confusing the identities of Gods and human figures, I can see your derivation as the artist. I read it as all of the disorientation of ideas exploding out of one's head before complete thoughts and actions have formed. There exists the confusion of conscious and subconscious thought. Are you trying to elicit a specific response from the viewer?

    • Venkat thanks for your feedback. Actually I think my works can be explained in many ways depending on the viewer's perception. I appreciate your views on my paintings. I am surely not expecting any specific response from the viewers. Obviously each paintings have their own explanations.. but I don't want to restrict viewer's perception with that. Rather I would like to invite different interpretations from my viewers.