• Celebrating 12 Years of Art on Emergent Art Space

    As this year draws to a close, we want to celebrate all the young and emerging artists who have been (and still are) part of this atypical international community. We want to celebrate the richness
    of their art, the variety of forms, colors, and materials that compose this mosaic of images; the diversity of backgrounds, nationalities, histories, and traditions that inspire their creations; the skills, patience, and determination they have devoted to 
    making art, giving voice to their stories
    and material forms to their visions.

    We wish that the works of all the artists who have participated in Emergent Art Space could find
    a place in this unusual exhibition, but the limits of space and time make this impossible.

    The works you see here, by young artists from 30 different countries around the world, are just a selection, showing the richness and diversity that is our trademark and our pride. They have appeared on the pages of the Emergent Art Space platform during the twelve years of its life, some going back to 2012 and to our first international exhibition, some uploaded very recently, and many in between. Congratulations to all!

    Enjoy the show!

    Click on any image to enlarge it

    Nada Ali, Syria/Sweden: 'Curious Welcoming', Oil on MDF
    Pablo Robleda, Argentina: 'Finzi', Acrylic on wood
    Angélica López, Mexico: 'Paisaje con antena' (Landscape with Antenna), Oil on canvas
    Ádám Dóra, Hungary: 'Framed Sky' & 'Natura Arkitektura XIII', Oil on canvas
    George Mubanga, Zambia: 'The Pusher', Recycled scrap metal
    Sintim Isaac, Ghana: 'Life Is Enough' & 'Child On the Steet', Wood veneer
    Li Xiaoqiao, China: 'Walk Around London' III, Screenprint on mixed media
    Prithwish Daw, India: 'Cacophony of Calcutta VIII', Mixed media
    Mahima Kapoor, India: 'Membranes', Monoprints
    Asmaa Elmongi, Egypt/UAE: 'I Need to Talk', Mixed media on canvas
    Caitlin Mkhasibe, South Africa: 'Aeronautical Map', Mixed media on paper
    Mahrukh Bajwa, Pakistan: 'Where Are We Heading?', Mixed media on paper
    Suvendu Bhandari, India: 'Smoke at the Forehead of All Dreams', Mixed media on paper
    Fariha Rashid, Pakistan: 'Freedom', Guache on wasli
    Jazib Jacob Sahotra, Pakistan: '19 Min', Ink on paper
    Jayeti Bhattacharya, India: 'Upsurge 3', Mixed media on paper
    Subhadip Bhattacharya, India: 'Repairing My Old Memory', Mixed media
    Ann Le, Vietnam/USA: 'Rorschach Technique', Mixed media
    Rea De Guzman, Philippines/USA: 'Spliced' & 'Creased', Organza, image transfer, & silkscreen
    Raka Panda, India: 'Around the Sky', Oil on canvas
    Mantu Singh, India: 'Exercise Time', Oil on canvas
    Alena Halavina, Belarus: 'Clr/bw', Mixed black and white, and color photos
    Bo Bo, Myanmar: 'Diversity in Mandalay', Photograph
    Asiegbu Collins, Nigeria: 'Ethereal Diversion' & 'System', Mixed media on paper
    Eze Mariagoretti Chinenye, Nigeria: 'Nobody Has to Know', Photograph and moringa seeds
    Odur Ronald, Uganda: 'Muwawa', Installation
    Liu Yi, China: 'The Stage', Photograph
    Xingweiai Fang, China: 'The Convenience Store In the City Park', Acrylic on canvas
    Amanda Karlsson, Sweden: 'Oh, Love', Oil on canvas
    Ammal Aboud, Tanzania: 'Moja kwa wote', Photograph 
    Anirban Mishra, India: 'Into the Tunnel', Mixed media on paper
    Isha Bawiskar, India: 'Dream in Silence', Acrylic on canvas
    Sagnik Roy, India: 'Biopesticide', Mixed media on paper
    Stefan Bleekrode, Netherlands: 'Boulevard At Night', Watercolor
    Imrana Tanveer, Pakistan: 'Our Lady In Saturation (Green)' & 'Kiss of Love', Paper and thread
    Adikinyi Otsomo Kondo, Kenya: 'Silence', Photograph
    Jasmina Runevska, Macedonia: 'Drawing Memory', Installation
    Deo Prasad Rai, Sikkim, India: 'Koma - Radiant Rai Granny', Acrylic on canvas
    Yanga Mantangayi, South Africa: 'Spiritual Energy V', Mixed media on paper
    Alejandro Morales, Mexico: 'La piedad', Giclee print
    Lawrence T. Jadezweni, South Africa: 'South African Hypnosis', Photograph
    Natalia Cádiz, Chile: 'El umbral de la libertad' (The Threshold of Freedom), Oil on canvas
    Suresh Kumar Singha, India: 'Landscape from My Memory', Ink on paper
    Sheila Rodríguez, Spain: 'Space for painting I, Serie: Landscapes after the battle', Acrylic on canvas
    Sphamandla Dlamini: South Africa, 'Skin', Photograph
    Victoria Ayala-Preciado, USA: 'Las Sobrinas', Charcoal on paper
    Gladys Kalichini, Zambia: 'Burial: Erasing Erasure', Photograph
    Mpumelelo Buthelezi, South Africa: 'The Raw Lifestyle of Hostel Dwellers', Photograph
    Valerie Asiimwe Amani, Tanzania: 'A Confluence of Parts' II, Video still
    in/Form Art Collective, Ireland: 'Alternate Route', Installation
    Sai ▇▇▇, Myanmar: 'Trails of Absence', Mixed media
    Baishakhi Mehatori, India: 'Narrow', Acrylic on canvas
    IMAGINE, Nepal: Untitled, Acrylic on canvas
    Paul Ayihawu, Nigeria: Untitled (The Rainbow Socks), Acrylic on canvas
    Daudi Yves, Zambia: 'Eight-Masais', Mixed media
    Aung Thu Phyo, Myanmar: 'An Introspective Journey #7', Digital painting
    Throngkiuba Yim, India: 'Limitless', Mixed media on canvas
    Ritika Sharma, India: 'Travelling with Insecurities', Oil on canvas
    Yashika Sugandh, India: 'Twins', Oil and acrylic on canvas
    Sharon Adebisi, UK/Ghana: 'The Overwhelmed Foreigner', Acrylic on canvas
    Pebofatso Mokoena, South Africa: 'Idle Iterations', 'Taxi Unawares', & 'MARS', Acrylic and oil pastel on canvas
    Aleksandr Lialiushkin, Georgia: 'Sense of Kin', Embroidery
    Sampurna Pal, India: 'We Are On the Same Raft', Acrylic on canvas