• Growing by Lines and Through Lines | Karditsa, Greece

    EAS is happy to present the work we have received from Raphael Kasteroudis, a very young artist from Karditsa, Greece, who was also a member of the collective that produced the multimedia project 'Periapsis', published here last December. His bravura with details and in expressing his artistic intentions, is impressive.


    "When I Was 5 Years Old"
    "When I Was 6 Years Old"

    My name is Raphael Kasteroudis and I am 9 years old. I live in Greece. “Lines” are the key word, they are evolving with me and I am growing by and through them. They are forming my world, which consists of hi-tech creatures, buildings, spaceships and robots.
    Lines depict my inner conflict with maturity and my maturity is conquered through a constant conflict, which takes place in new spatial dimensions, in a future that is happening in the present, between new mechanical humans and anthropomorphic machines.
    Each drawing represents a constant confrontational situation where new species of humans and machines enjoy taking part in a harmonious attack and at the same time in a dynamic defense.

    "When I Was 7 Years Old"

    For me, it is mostly important to draw the “archetype” in a perfect, dynamic way. I mainly care about the harmony, symmetry, “movement”, balance and the inner strength of my Lines. I consider the background and the color as being rather significant; they are generally secondary principals in my drawings, except when I specifically decide to draw a scene where a whole “colorful story” of my world takes place. I never correct my drawings, never use an eraser or a pencil to make a blueprint. Each drawing is in my mind and I just have to “put” it on a piece of paper.
    This is my Growing up World, a world of Imaginative Future High Technology and Innovative Anthropomorphic Forms.

    My Lines have significant details, endless movement, perfect shapeliness, mechanical precision, rare beauty and childish freedom. 
    I invite you to discover my Lines World. 

    Yours Sincerely, 
    Raphael Kasteroudis 

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    "When I Was 7 Years Old"
    ΣΜΥΡΝΗ 2
    "When I Was 8 Years Old"
    "When I Was 8 Years Old"
    "When I Was 8 Years Old"
    "When I Was 9 Years Old"
    "When I Was 9 Years Old"