• ‘Illusions’ | Bobrujsk, Belarus

    In the amazing drawings she shares on this page, Eugenia Hauss reflects on the complex roles of illusions in our lives, their positive influence as well as their dangerous effect.

    final-2Why Illusions?

    Because they are an integral part of human life – if we speak about an average one. Illusions and destructive beliefs are insidious, they are difficult to recognize and get rid of.

    They can take different forms: from ambitions that are not supported with real effort and progress, self- embellishment, painful perfectionism, stifling fears — to obsessive desire to show everybody one’s superiority, even if it means to break and burn the personality, and become loved and approved by all means.

    pencil-sketch-smallerIllusions steal the chance to live a real life, fulfill potential and talents, reveal sincere wishes and find true goals. It’s like being forced to observe reality only with the ‘help’ of a mediator, or blindfolded. Illusions make people hold to particular wrong persuasions and stay away from independent thinking and gaining new experiences.

    It happens in a lot of cases — people just don’t make any attempt to go for their dreams, because they believe it’s not possible for them, or not so important. But the reality is, no one can harm them more than themselves (and their destructive deteriorative way of thinking in the first place). I collected various symbols of will’s suppression and limitations in this artwork: blindfold, runners, and interweaving roots.

    Until a person has illusions, his or her life can’t be lively and vivid. Being is as inanimate and forced as the dry mossy wooden crown that you can see in the picture.

    Artwork progress pictures

    final-1But the hope is still here: it can be found in courageous and determined action, acceptance of true reality without attempts to make it more beautiful and perfect, and commitment to self-cultivation. The symbols of this spirit are flowers and berries hidden in the drawing.

    This artwork is very personal, even autobiographical. I’m glad that it came into the world in the visual form, and the time was chosen so accurately. The point is that my interest to Gothic/dark art motifs and philosophical themes is fading away. A person can’t focus attention on various things at one-time…

    And when illusions are revealed and abandoned, it clears a lot of place for light and love. I’m in this position now — I chose to see joy and happiness, not the obstacles or drawbacks. I’m changing and my art is too. The point is in remembering that everything has two sides, and there is no light without darkness.