• ‘The Journey of a Butterly’ | Lusaka, Zambia

    George Mubanga who describes his work as “an expression of motivational energies” likes to create painting within a series so that he can experiment and work to simplify ideas, concepts and expressions concerned with contemporary life.  Here he presents his recent work within  “The Journey of a Butterfly” series.  


    'Life of a Butterfly' | Mixed media on board


    The journey of a butterfly is the transformation from struggle to greatness. I love butterflies because they begin as caterpillars and later change into a butterfly.  They remind me how going through pain, disappointment or stress can strengthen someone to face challenges on the way to victory.

    In this series “Journey of a Butterfly” each artwork has a symbolic meaning or story behind it.


    'The Monkey' | Mixed media on paper














    I once kept a monkey as a pet when I was young. When I got to Nkwashi, upon seeing the trees there, I had memories of monkeys playing.  Every time I look at trees I imagine the  joy and freedom of monkeys and remember to be playful and enjoy what I’m doing.


    From left: 'The Giraffe', silent beauty | 'Soar High': To soar means to rise, more than just flying at your highest level | 'The Lion', courage and power | Mixed Media on Paper
    'Internal Strength' | Mixed media on canvas



    Internal strength is about self-motivation and improving your courage to move towards your goals. Many times we focus too much on our physical looks, so that we can fit in a certain class of people.  This sometimes affects our life,  if we don’t know our values or if we don’t understand what we’re doing and just want to impress other people. The images I used in this painting represent the power of the mind of every human being. The woman, made with wire and a rose, represents love.  The yin yang is the symbol of balance between good and evil. The old tree represents a generation that is old but still gives fruits to feed the new growing generation. The flying eagle is the freedom of expression and the birds represent peace. The artist in his work suit  represents self-employment and hard work. The elephant horn is the symbol of wealth. The leopard is the symbol of pride and courage. The caterpillar and the butterfly represent a new beginning, as the caterpillar later changes into a butterfly.



    'Family Tree': Passing on culture and preserving it from the old to the new generation   | Mixed media on canvas



    LANDSCAPES: Clear views, fresh air, the natural scenes and calmness of the lake always give me peace of mind and the concentration to focus on the beauty of life, family, friends and my career. The natural beauty all around Nkwashi gives inspiration to do anything with joy.

    'The Beauty of the Sunset' | Mixed media on canvas
    'The Cows' | Acrylic on board
    'The Virgin Land' | Mixed media on canvas
    'Lake Trees' | Acrylic on canvas













    'New Generation': New ideas born from old experiences  | Mixed media on canvas
    'African Tribe' | Mixed media





    AFRICAN TRIBE: This is a cubist painting of objects that represents the daily life of African cultures.  The objects in this painting are the calabashes that represent the traditional foods and beverages. The drum represents communication of knowledge sharing and traditional ceremonies. The sun represents the kindness and joy of people. The mask represents ancestors bringing the teaching to the new generation.


    'Chikondi' | Acrylic on canvas









    CHIKONDI. Chikondi is a Zambian Nyanja word which means love. This painting is an expression of feelings of inspiration that comes by being loved or when you’re the one spreading out love.



    NATURAL BEAUTY: Embrace your color, hair and natural features that tell your original history about you and your culture.

    'Natural Beauty' | Mixed media on canvas
    'Natural Beauty II' | Mixed media on board


    EMOTIONS: Emotions expressed through the influence of what we go through or experience in daily life.

    From left: 'Proud': Presenting yourself with courage | 'Shy Not': Being proud of who you are | 'Curious': Strong wish to do or learn about something | Mixed media on canvas

    'Self Portrait' | Mixed media on canvas





    George Mubanga is a self taught artist. He finished High School in 2013 and he has an art practice and studio in Lusaka, Zambia. He is a member of the Visual Arts Council and the Art Academy without Walls, both in Lusaka.