• ‘Landscape’: Recent works by Fariha Rashid | Lahore, Pakistan

    In her more recent works Pakistani artist Fariha Rashid explores human growth as an integral part of nature, of human nature, and therefore of the natural 'landscape', fit to be represented through naturalistic symbols and analogies.


    Landscape I, 13 x 6.5 inches, gouache on wasli

    This series of works is based on "Landscape". Not in a literal manner, the landscape here is defined as growth and maturity related to human beings. Normally we see the landscape as vegetation, greenery, and fresh air. What it explains symbolically is represented in my work.

    The desire to grow, be empowered, or excel in every part of life, either emotionally or professionally, is human nature. It is human satisfaction when he or she sees themselves succeeding in any part of life. In my current series titled “Landscape”, I have symbolized human growth with nature. What actually is growth in life? There are various meanings to this term. Growth can be on an emotional level. Someone who has overcome any emotional disorder will call it their progress. A person who has excelled in their particular field while overcoming a hurdle will name it their success.

    As human beings, many of us have observed issues while at work or domestically. This series not only discusses the subject but mainly it observes the celebration of achievement, the after party.

    I relate it to myself, as I was afraid of fresh color application or even using a variety of colors in my artworks. But specifically in this series, I experimented with textures, colors, and patterns. All the artworks are prepared carefully step by step just like in life where we plan, make goals and then act accordingly to achieve those aims.

    Numerous symbols can be seen in these artworks including geometric patterns, ropes, and leaves. Each element explains a different thought but when combined they form an entire narrative. One needs to make connections among symbols to understand the whole concept.


    Meditation                                                                                                                                                                         Landscape II

    6 x 7 inches, mixed media on wasli                                                                       10.6 x 7 inches, mixed media on mount board


    At the center of these artworks is the complexity of elements incorporated, yet the image is so soothing with no slight hint of difficulty observed by the viewer. The use of geometric patterns is extensively done in the background of the artworks. To create a geometric pattern is such a difficult process and requires keen observation along with focus, but once the imagery is complete it does not give a slight hint of complication, rather it adds a flow and uniqueness in each art piece.

    The Reclining Woman, 9.4 x 9.4 inches, gouache on mount sheet

    In one of my artworks “Reclining Woman”, three layers can be seen; one base layer where the textured surface is prepared, the second where the woman is painted and third is a pasted oval with a crows silhouette. A limited color palette and symbols are painted to ensure a clear understanding of the subject matter. The reclining woman is enjoying her posture and surroundings, all hazy with the blending of bright red and purple tones. The contrast between background and females posture is to identify that no matter how confusing life is, by giving one hundred percent, a person can be at peace. The crow's silhouette and the use of ropes remind us of the added issues created by others who have no actual concern with the main problem, who just want to initiate an issue along the pathway of success.





    Fariha Rashid, born in Doha, Qatar is currently residing in Lahore, Pakistan. She has earned a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from Punjab University, College of Art and Design. and is currently working as a Lecturer of Fine Arts at the University of Gujrat. Fariha has participated in numerous group exhibitions, has had a solo show and has also curated an art exhibition.