• Loopholes | Kraków, Poland

    Installation for a group exhibition by Polish artist Kamil Baś.


    DSC_7746 sLoopholes


    Loopholes is an installation that I prepared for a group exhibition in Lamelli Gallery in Krakow, Poland. It consists of a cube-shaped, white-painted, metal structure with two rocks hanging inside and a source of light that can be targeted at it from almost every angle. As two objects block the line of light, there appear two additional, irregular shades that interfere with the quasi-regularity of a grid, making a hole in a cage. The observer-user can easily affect the shape and size of the shadow, but it is almost impossible to avoid leaving black spots, that sometimes free themselves from a prison.

    Kamil Baś - Loopholes III - 2015    Kamil Baś - Loopholes I - 2015

    Kamil Baś is a PhD student in Fine Arts, and he works at Pedagogical University in Krakow (art education for children).
    His works have been shown at many exhibitions in Poland and Ukraine. His  2011 project "Blue Folding Model" was rewarded a main prize during the 4th All-Polish Students Drawing Exhibition in Torun, and his 2012 MA thesis "Art of Women" was announced as one of the best Polish theses of the year.

    Kamil Baś - Loopholes IV - 2015

    Kamil Baś - Loopholes II - 2015