• ‘The Pusher’ | Lusaka, Zambia

    Multi-faceted artist George Mubanga presents his spectacular, land-based sculptural installation and discusses the inspiration for this large-scale work.

    When I was growing up and ever since, things have been difficult in society.  To survive, one must be strong.

    I give thanks to my mum and sister, who have been my greatest supporters.  When I was low my mum used to say “Be strong.  You have to keep pushing to make ends meet and earn a living from what you do.”  At first, they were just words to me, but with time I came to realize that every person is in charge of their own destiny.  It’s up to you to make the life you want, through the steps that you take now. If you don’t push, nothing moves.

    When meeting more accomplished artists, I found that some were harsh and didn’t take me seriously, but a few encouraged me to keep working hard. With time, my artwork started to receive the respect and love that I never imagined.

    I made ‘The Pusher’ to represent the struggles that everyone goes through in life. It’s never easy to achieve your goals, but with determination, hope and patience all is possible.

    'Self Portrait' | Mixed media on canvas





    George Mubanga is a self taught artist. He finished High School in 2013 and he has an art practice and studio in Lusaka, Zambia. He is a member of the Visual Arts Council and the Art Academy without Walls, both in Lusaka.