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    I remember seeing this photo almost one year ago when it first was uploaded to EAS. At the time, I considered it mostly for the symbolism: a very tall flagpole, with a particularly luminous American flag twisted in the wind. Surrounded by the clear blue sky, I thought about what it means to see an illustrious state from below. A nation may seem--and in fact be--worthy of such shining praise. Yet if the state is so far above and twisted in its own devices, does it really have a relationship with me?

    Until today, these were all I thought about in regards to this photo. However now, I can't help but ask a more basic question: where does such a large flagpole come from? This doesn't just look like a tall flagpole, but an enormous one. The existence of such a flagpole, I think, speaks even more to the symbolism I believe the painting evokes. What is the message implied by those who build such a large flagpole, and what are those who stand under it supposed to feel?

    I've always been fond of your work, Will. I'd love to hear more about it! Thanks for the submission!!!