• re: 50′s

    I find this photograph very beautiful, Pearl, and I would like to know the motivation behind it. To you, how does 50's adhere to the the ideas you note in your bio--to represent the relationship individuals have with each other and their surroundings? What strikes me most about this photograph is not the relationship between the two figures, or how either is shaped by the scene, but the sort of tug-and-pull relationship each individual is having with himself and herself. Their styles integrate both more standard articles (those we'd consider when someone is "well dressed") and accessories that are usually seen as more exotic, edgy, and subversive. Their postures are relaxed, but their faces seem anything but comfortable. They both are coming off as if they are playing as adults, but clearly they both are quite young.

    What led you to crafting this photograph? Is the internal dissonance that I recognized in this photograph something you purposefully included in your work, or am I perhaps missing a few larger themes that you're adopting? I hope to hear a response soon! Thank you once again for this piece. I'm excited to see more from you in the future!