• re: Against Modernity (source unknown)

    I agree with you that even the history that we do study of other nations, as it relates to the United States, is from a skewed point of view. It is interesting the light in which history is painted based on varying perceptions. The US and other countries share the same history but the recordings are different as they are colored by the varying perspectives of the events.

    I love that you have chosen to explore the other side, the side that wasn’t readily presented to you. The notion of progress that you cite is clear in your art as well as your writing; I can see that you want the errors of the past to surface so we are not doomed to repeat history. I’m curious as to which side you adhere to in you work. Having been raised in one and cultivated from the other, you too have collective histories and perhaps inclinations. Do you paint your convictions or try to capture both sides to present a history to your viewers? Are they one in the same?